Help with seeds from ILGM

Not sure if this is the right tab to ask under but I need help. I bought some autos from ILGM white widow and granddaddy purple. My widow was a girl but the gdp was a male and I didn’t pull him in time my widow has seeds. Will the seeds grow? and if they do what will the strain be?


If you allow the seeds to fully mature they should grow. The resulting seeds would be a cross of your two plants aka white widow x gdp.


Sounds like a good cross. As long as they are mature or almost mature they should germinate no problem. Some times the small solid green ones can split, but I haven’t had much luck with that.


Keep in mind that the seeds will be a mix of male and female, they are not feminized. My experience has been that regular (non-feminized) seeds are typically slightly less than 50% female.


Do you have any pics of the GDP?


Great question. Was it a full on male or a herm?
@Kathy2851 Chances of a male from a feminized seed is about 1-100, (this could just be bro science, only what I read.) If true then someone has to get that one male seed and so far it hasn’t been me…


Think it was a herm it had sacks and pistols. bud was tiny and not very good. The widow only had 28 seeds but will see what happens.

I also just had a GDP that was hermied / male as well. I was wondering if maybe some bad seeds went out perhaps? This was the only one I popped so far out of my 5 pack.

This is a hermie, not a male. Sometimes a plant will do this from stress of different kinds as well as differing intensities of stress. Sometimes just a little will do it. Its just programmed into cannabis. You can see pistils showing its a female.
Full on males look like this…


That’s why I didn’t catch it immediately because I’ve never had any Hermie’s and I saw pistils and just “assumed” she was all good.