Help with seedlings

A question from a fellow grower:

The seeds arrived quickly and discretely…A1 service…thank you!
Now I need some help with them! PLEASE! I don’t want to lose them!

After they sprouted 4/20/16
I put them in 2 inch rookwool cubes while I assembledmy hydroponic container
15 gal tote with 5 inch net pots and clay pellets
In 3x5 room well vented, temp stays around 80 lights on, 72 73 at lights off
I have two pumps in the tote with 3 tubes feeding each plant
I have two air stones also
4- 48 inch 6500k fl over plants at about three inches
I ran plain water on them for a couple of days while I was waiting for my ph meter to arrive
4/27 my ph meter arrived, ph was way too high at 8.5
4/28 got ph down to 5.8
added high miracles grow feed 12-4-8 to a ppm of 600
these pics are of tonight and the seedlings are still tiny, like 1.5 inches and little spindly things
I leave the pumps running 24/7
lights are 18 on 6 0ff
I researched a lot about hydroponics before I started
I could try to grow them in pot in soil out on my deck, we live in a fairly private area, but I would constantly be worried about them when we were gone for the weekend in summer heat

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

Is there an actual question here or are you just checking to see if you are on right track? 600 ppm is pretty high and your water shouldn’t be running directly onto your rock wool too wet and they will damp off before getting enough roots to sustain good growth. Shoot for ppm around 200-250 and pull the watering feeders further away from rock wool this will encourage the roots to go and seek water while reducing odds of trunk rot

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