Sad seedlings (First time hydroponics)

Why do the seedlings on the seedling on the left look sad?

Water : R.O
PH : 5. 8 to 6
PPM : 80
Water temp : 18-19 Degrees C

16 feed and drain cycles a day

Lighting system 240W qb full spectrum Shezenbrite at 50% strength.

15inches away from canopy

Compared to these ( Standing taller and larger)

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I’m no expert and know very little about Hydro, but a PPM of 80 is definitely too low.

You used cardboard for the lid? I can only assume this is a bad idea. Wet cardboard = mold.


I run jack 321 at full strength from seed to harvest.
They do just fine. Easy Pease lol.
I run DWC

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Yes cardboard needs to go in my opinion

Too cold (I never thought I’d say that). I’d aim 19-20°C (68°F is perfect).

Agreed with the others, 80 is low. Hydro has nothing in it. At all. So the res needs all the nutrients your plants would be getting around week 4-5 of veg in dirt but on day 1.

What nutrients are you planning to use and when?

But you’re not actually feeding yet, correct? Just water?

My RO water has a PPM of 30, so i added a little taster for my seedling hence PPM = 80. I’m using general hydroponics

The cardboard is on top of a plastic lid, cause i wanted to block out the light. Although that’s not working swimmingly as i don’t have an overflow valve and the cardboard gets wet from time to time. The tote box on the left however (which stays dry) is doing even more poorly

Id add nutrients in now. Something like 500ppms worth to start

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Should be able to paint the lid with a black paint. Get it thick enough and you should be good. Are you sure light is getting in?

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This is what I did. Spray painted the lid with a flat black paint 2 coats then once it was fully dry, spray painted again with a gloss white.

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