Help with nutrients, can different brands be used

@Nicky @Breezy @MeEasy I know everyone on this forum is nutrient obsessed so I know ill get the exact answer im looking for. Please keep in mind im on a tight budget and gotta use what I got. My question is can different brands of nutrient be used during the same grow? For my veg phase I have a bottle of this stuff:

And for the flowering phase I have this:

For a guy following the kiss rule and tight budget would I be safe? I know there are tons of opinions on brands and everything, but just need to know if using one brand during one phase and another brand during flower is ok.

Any thoughts and recommendations for future grows would be greatly appreciated

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I don’t think that “grow” stuff is a base veg nutrient…npk doesn’t sound right.

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If you mix different nutrient lines and use ppm/pH as your only feedback (aside from results, obviously), you’re messing with the nutrient element ratio.

More importantly, you can cause elements to fall out of solution.

This is chemistry. Leave it to the chemists and stick with one line.

It should be fine if you aren’t using two lines concurrently.


Not using in combination or mixing but at different phases. Ofcourse i would flush before switching.

So I would be safer to use a hot soil (MG) for the first few weeks then flush prior to using the bloom stuff? Only other nutes I have are the green planet for soiless systems.

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Maybe I missed it, but what medium are you in?

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Hey @Dr.ofSmokology I don’t see a problem with it some of these guys on here are using a bunch of different blooming stuff all at once. The first one you have I’m not familiar with at all and would like to see a little more N but you can always throw a little bit of used coffee grounds or some good compost in your soil before planting to balance it a little better and the second bottle is canna and that’s a top shelf product. I’m a little old school and you probably couldn’t imagine how many different things I’ve used to feed my plants over the years can’t say they were all a success lol


They are both big brand names quality stuff. Just use one at a time. Remo doesn’t have a good feed chart that’s my only dislike so I would call their support or email them for how to use it.
The remo guy worked at advanced nutriens until he broke off and did his own thing be knows what he’s doing. It’s quality stuff.

I don’t think you need to even flush but it could be done for safety, the most important thing would be not to mix them in the same water /feed bucket. But in the medium they can mix that’s fine.

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