Help with leaves gone crispy

These are Moby dick in their sixth week of flower. A little backstory here is that I was not in town when they went into the stretch and they did not get the nutrients they need. I had came home and corrected what I thought was a need for nitrogen and just this past week the leaves are starting to turn brown and crispy. Any help is appreciated.
I have a video on my grow diaries page which I can’t share here that shows just how drastic it has become in the last 48 hours.


What is total ppm? 54 ml per gallon seems kinda high, but I don’t know what each of those work out to be in suspended solids.

When I scrolled back a couple of weeks I could see 1 plant that looked a little hungry. The rest of them were starting to show signs of nutrient burn.

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Just took a Ppm reading since the flush and I’m sitting at 1300

That’s 11 teaspoons per gallon. There are 768 teaspoons in a gallon of water.

What’s the flowers looking like Incase you have to harvest?

Had this happen a few years back around same age from pushing too hard and ended up turning the whole thing into edibles.

You know the issue…too many salts and it’s not taking up water to hydrate itself…

Hard flush with kleen and r/o or distilled water. Get your ppms down to under 200 preferably under 100. Soak that for a few hours to a day, remove burnt leaves to be able to see if it’s getting worse


It’s a all hands on deck moment in your grow so any help you can get would be less stressful in the long run.

Flush the plant then clean the system for any salt buildups left behind

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@Grandaddy013 @Gremmall @peachfuzz @Oldguy @Myfriendis410 @kettle

Tagd some hydro heads

@dbrn32 @PharmerBob well I found 2/3 of the problem and the reason they made such a drastic turn in 48 hours. I decided to pull all the water and give them a flush. I got the water out, washed the reservoir, pump and stones which had significant buildup in just two weeks. Filled the reservoir with 5.8 ph water and florakleen and hit the button to circulate and the pump is dead. Yes, yes it is a one pump system only because I have an entire new floraflex double pump with bubbler system sitting 4 feet away until this one is done to change it all out. Well I’ve added a pump now… so stupid. Sorry to even bother you guys while I’m over here making idiotic mistakes.


Other then the burn she’s got a nice light color to her @ThatoneAKguy

Feels good to have a panic experience every now an again… let’s you know your still human and can make mistakes


First one in quite a while… I gave them the prescribed haircut and things look quite a bit better.
Such a rookie move on my part.


Atleast you saved them! I chop and move in new plants

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The trichs aren’t close to being ready.

What is this suppose to mean, I was asking what your solution measured when mixed at those ratios? I don’t really understand the relevance of post flush readings I guess. Either way, seems like a lot of hydro growers experience similar issues in excess of 1000ppm.


I usually grow 6 different strains in one tote and I haven’t ever had my ppm’s over 1000 …
None of my plant’s show deficiency or over feeding …
If your circulating pump hasn’t been running , then maybe that’s why your ppm readings were so high…
I would think that anything over 1100 ppm would be pushing the limits in rdwc … :+1::wink:
Sounds like you have things back on track…
I think your problems started when you weren’t there to feed them in the first stage of flowering and then you tried to play catch up and then the dang pump died … :+1::wink:
We call that the Joy’s of growing… lol
If it can go wrong , it will …
Plants are still lookin like it will be really good medicine…


This is kind of high for where you are. Not very so not sure what happened. My guess is your rez went out of range in PH or the plant took up enough water to increase the solution concentration.

How much light are you running?
What is ambient temp?
" " rez temp?
What water are you running?
PH? How are you measuring?
How often are you doing rez changes?
What nutrient line are you running and if so; what schedule?
How much air?






16 hrs

Light Schedule




Day Air Temperature




Air Humidity




Solution Temperature




Substrate Temperature




Night Air Temperature




Lamp To Plant Distance

400 PPM

CO₂ Level







Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy
Bud Candy
0.5 tsp/gal

GHE - Armor Si
Armor Si
1 tsp/gal

GHE - FloraMicro
2 tsp/gal

2 tsp/gal

GHE - FloraBloom
3 tsp/gal

GHE - FloraGro
0.25 tsp/gal

GHE - Floralicious Plus
Floralicious Plus
0.25 tsp/gal

GHE - Diamond Nectar
Diamond Nectar
1 tsp/gal

GHE - Liquid KoolBloom
Liquid KoolBloom
1 tsp/gal


@Myfriendis410 this was posted on another thread/site where the journal is posted


What schedule are you running? I’m using the GH recirc schedule now and it’s not what you show here. LKB used in too high a concentration can really nuke your plants. FYI.



@ThatoneAKguy I’m glad you’ve resolved this! So many speedy replies I cant even get a chance to show off :joy::joy: I cant believe how quickly they went downhill though! RIP to some beautiful fan leaves :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ve finished without burn at 1800. I’m in a rockwool recapture hydroponics setup.

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