Help With Leaf / Plant Issues

Wondering if anybody has any help or advice on what I should do about my clearly stressed and unhappy babies!

For starters I decided to go organic this time and try a super soil. I used:

Promax HP Ocean Forest Clay Pellets & Pearlite Earthworm Castings
Bat Guano Kelp meal Crab Meal Fish bone meal Humeri’s Acid Vegetable Garden Bio live Azomite

I let it cook for a month, then started my seeds in my tent. The were thriving in there…. But go to big so I moved them outside. They were always gonna be an outdoor grow.

But since having them outside the leaves went from dark green to almost yellow. They are curling up and going brittle… and have weird marks and discolorations on them (see pics). I brought them in tonight bc it was supposed to be bad rain and they are still easy enough to move.

I water daily, temps are 50-60 at night 70-80 during the day. I have done molasses and silica (separate times). I really thought that going organic would avoid these problems but they just seem so unhappy an unhealthy

Any ideas on what nutrients I could give them to try and help fix these leaf / plant issues?

Any help or a point in the right direction would be great!


My initial assumption is toxicity by the appearance of the dark waxy leaves. I also noticed you’re watering every day?? Organic grows are intended to keep a damp consistency but everyday could be overkill and not allowing the roots to get any oxygen. Seems you may have amended a soil that was already amended :love_you_gesture:


My first guess it overwatering. You need to establish a wet/dry cycle. Water till you get runoff, pick up for container and feel the weight. Wait till the container feels light and then rewater. Cannabis is very picky about water. Too much and they puke on you. BTW. Im strickly organic. Do you have a TDS and PH meter?


I would also think overwatering. The roots of a plants require water and oxygen to thrive and grow. You are giving them a good amount of water but starving them of the oxygen they need to grow. This is a very comment issues.

Hold off on watering for a day or two. See how the plants react. The leaves should straighten out as the soil dries out. Slowly positioning/praying to the light. Somewhat pointed upward. Once the soil dries out too much the leaves will droop down. Telling you they are sad.

Watching the plant react like this once or twice is a great tool to learn about how watering effects everything.


I have a ph tester for the water. Not the soil.

I get the curling being due to water issues. Although my soil is so light and I dont water a lot when I do. Plus they are outside in direct sun almost all day so in previous years they needed it.

I thought the yellowing and marks on the leaves might be more telling. But I’ll hold off watering for 2 days and see if there is any changes.

Should I clip off the affected leaves?


If you look at the wide shot, you will see all the leaves are dropping down. Which is why I didn’t think it’s over watering.

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My first thoughts heavy Overhydrated drooping leafs to much water. Skip a couple days on water.
Happy growing :v:


Watering small amounts daily is the number one reason plants get overwatered.

Overwatering isn’t too much water all at once, it’s too frequent of watering to allow the root zone sufficient time to dry and get some airflow.

I suggest watering thoroughly - enough to fully saturate the pots and make them heavy/difficult to lift. Water til you’re just starting to get some runoff - since you’re organic you don’t want a ton of runoff, but a little to let you know the soil is fully saturated.

Once they’re damp and heavy throughout- leave it alone until it’s light and easy to lift again. That may only take a day. It’s early enough in the season I’m betting it’ll be more like 3 days.


Still not going away despite me treating it with several

sprays over the past month…

It keeps popping up in new growth … old growth…. Some times is only a few spots… other times it’s clumped together. I took new pics and am desperate to find a solution.

Any guesses? Im ruling out insects. Haven’t seen 1 on the plant and have sprayed for them non stop.


How far away is your light? Pic of the whole plant ?

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Sorry I am new and haven’t made a post yet but have you sprayed them while under lights/sun given you have been spraying for bugs non stop?? it looks like water burn to me or a chemical burn given its so spotty and the water is far too much I water my plants once a week and only give them 1.5L In 5 gal pots any more they hate me…I am by no means a good grower I am new to autos and indoor Only grew Photos outdoor until this year. but I have been messing with my plants stressing them and fixing them and I got fertz and water on them and it looked like this… Again could be very wrong. But I think you are over thinking it. Sometimes the less you do the better they do, as I am learning haha

It’s outside.

It’s an outdoor plant, and no water has gotten on the leaves. I sprayed because everyone said it’s bugs. But the situation hasn’t changed at all since spraying.