Help with Hydroponics please

I have always wanted to learn hydroponics but have never met anyone that even knows what there talking about so…. Can someone here direct me somewhere to some reading material that will explain how to WITHOUT confusing the far out of me? Is there a SIMPLE starter set to grow just one so I can learn while I’m growing?

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Im not a hydro expert especially these days, but i did some hydro grows years ago. there are alot of commercial starter kits available and after you look at them if you are handy you might want to make your own, but i’m sure you will find something you like. Someone with more up to date info should be along soon with more detailed info

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Hydroponic growing is a lot to consider. I would suggest starting with using an inert medium like coco coir. Here’s. Starting point to study and get your bearings.

Are you experienced with indoor growing? If you are currently growing indoors you can basically grow with coco coir and use a synthetic nutrient like General Hydroponics Flora series.

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I am tagging in @Graysin

When I bought stuff off Craigslist I picked up a a hydro contraption. Gray said they would help me set it up but I enjoy growing in soil.

It may just go out cheap on eBay.

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Honestly probably not.

I can break it down as simply as possible, the question is if you have money to invest in a good set up right away ($450ish I’d guess), or if you need to piecemeal it together over time (less ideal but we can work with it.)

The basics of hydroponics are this:

You need water that is not exposed to light (light promotes algae growth - blocking that out keeps roots safe)
You should have cold water (the expensive part)
You need water that has high oxygen levels (aquarium air pumps and air stones are easy and readily available for cheap)

If you can get any liquid tight container to also be light-tight, you can grow hydroponically in it. A 5 gallon bucket is my recommended minimum size. A 12 gallon storage tote would be better.

More water = easier to maintain parameters.

Anyway, thanks for the tag @JaneQP , I’m happy to help steer any which way, just need to know what we already know, if anything, or if this is a blank slate situation. Hydroponics can be confusing. It’s best to follow one grower and listen to their way and no one else. Everyone has a different approach, and in hydro that can make or break your system.