Help with diagnoses please, all the important info available

Hi guys need some help diagnosing this leaf issue.

•barney’s farm purple punch fem
•time 4½ weeks since flip
•light - 12/12 350w Lumitek Attis Pro
•water - 60L, 5.9PH, 20°c, 1300PPM (some of this is boosters, sugars, etc)
•room - 23°c, 60% rh.

Any input appreciated, I can’t see anything suggesting the PPM is too high, I did add some calmag which has brought the ppm up from about 1000, this is happening on only the fan leaves and was mostly the lowest on the plant that were affected but its now showing higher up.

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It is normal for a plant to shed its lower leaves and is nothing to be worried about.

Leaves come and go. Pics of the full plant are always helpful.

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Thanks for the response, this pic is a couple days old.


Looks great!

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OK thanks for the input, I will keep things going the way they are.

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Beautiful plant. There’s nothing wrong at all, newer growth looks healthy as can be.

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Hey I’m bringing this up again as it seems to be spreading to the newer growth. I don’t think I’ve seen this before so early in flower.

If you zoom you can see the yellowing and rusty spots appearing on the upper leaves too. I’ve checked the roots they look clean enough just a bit stained from the solution. I gave them a fresh reservoir about three days ago but its still spreading.

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If anyone ends up seeing the pics and has a similar problem, this turned out to almost certainly be root rot. Hydroguard is very expensive where I live but I managed to get a hold of a “Southern ag” fungicide which is the same bacillus species which seem to have cleaned up the roots alot meaning it most likely wasn’t just staining.
I understand that hydro is supposed to be a sterile environment which is one of the advantages but there are things to be gained by sustaing a biome in that water so… again to anyone reading who is using anything like AN voodoo juice (bacteria) or thier new tablets and is struggling to keep temps low in thier water system that “southern ag” fungicide is very good, the concentration of cfu is much higher than hydroguard and it is cheaper, especially outside of the US.