Help with a Problem I've not seen Before

I’ve had rust colored tips develop on quite a few leaves on my orange barb over the past couple of days. I’ll fill out a support ticket, but I really haven’t changed anything about how I feed, water, and manage the plant. It’s a problem I’ve not seen before and I’m hoping someone else has. It is affecting maybe 15 to 20 leaves, some old, and some not so old. @Myfriendis410

• Orange barb (polyploid.) House of the Great Gardener genetics

• Method: FFHF with perlite and some worm castings

• Vessels: 10-gal fabric pot

• PH of runoff: runs between 6.3 and 6.7

• Runoff PPM is maintained between 1000 and 1500. FF trio ~1/2 strength plus Beastie Blooms ~1/2 strength + a couple ml of cal/mag once a week.

• Indoor

• HLG V2 Rspecs. PPFD across canopy runs ~800-1,000.

• Temps; Day: 75, Night: 68

• Humidity; range is 40 - 60% RH

• Ventilation system; 8" AC Infinity run at 3/4 speed

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: as necessary to maintain temps and humidity

• Co2; Nope

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I’d cut the Beastie Bloomz back a bit: it’s a big P, K hit and think you’re seeing an excess. Not nute burn though. Developing some interveinal chlorosis it looks like. Maybe do a flush/reset?

Pretty plant: looks like about 3 weeks since transition…

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A couple of days over 4 weeks. I’ll give a flush a shot. It’s probably time anyways and do expect I’m getting some salt buildup.

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Ya gotta do it with FF soil. Good time to go.

I support the plant with a bit of N and keep the TDS in the same range you are. I have found a big P hit can stall plants out too.

I thought FF calls out Beastie Bloomz later in the grow and only for a couple of applications…but it’s been a while since using it.

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Yes. Only a couple of applications during weeks 4 - 6. I’ve got some Cha Ching too, but just read that it has a good bit of nitrogen in it. Why they would put N in something intended for the 2 weeks before harvest is something I don’t understand. I’ve been happy with Open Sesame and Beastie Blooms so far. They seem to help, though maybe I got a little too carried away with it.

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IIRC Beastie Bloomz is like 0-50-20 or something like.

I’ve grown with and without bloom boosters and honestly didn’t see much if any difference. Might just be me, but the cost wasn’t justified by my results.
How about you? Have you had success with them?


I think it depends on the genetics whether you need it. Sometimes a P boost will help bulk up late flower. I use Liquid Kool Bloom and keep meaning to order dry Kool Bloom.

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It’s my first go at the FF boosters. I’m seeing what I believe is better results from Open Sesame and Beasie Bloomz, but it’s easy to overdo it even at half doses.

The finishing product, Cha Ching, is one I won’t be using. It has quite a bit of nitrogen in it and I’m not going to give the girls nitrogen 2 weeks before harvest. I don’t understand why they put nitrogen in it.

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