Having some issues. Help needed please

Strain: ak47
Ph: 6-6.5
Nutrients: fftrio, cal mag
Light: scorpion rspec FR 1/4power, 14 inches
Temp: 68 low, 76 high
Plants: veg, 48 days from sprout

Ive been running ff trio at full strength at this point. Gradually raised up to that level, started full strength 2 weeks ago. Upon research im thinking that it could possibly be an excess of nutrients so i went ahead and performed a flush with sledghammer last night. Im hoping that will remedy my problems. Im thinking it could possibly be a deficiency as well though so some input from someone more experienced would be great. 2 of 8 are canoeing, which may be from the light being to close seeing as they are the tallest 2 plants, so i backed the light off a little. 4 of the 8 are showing the rust spots pictured. Not a crazy amount but around 8 to 10 per plant. I have 8 more plants in a seperate tent that are 2 weeks younger than these that are all doing fine still and getting the same treatment but are under 420h lights is the only difference. Thanks in advance for your help!

P.s. i know its crowded in there, im going to flip in a week or so and they will be seperated to 2 tents beforhand


Overall healthy. I wouldn’t worry about a few blemishes here and there.


Agreed with @MidwestGuy. Very healthy plants.


Yeah I’m with the community Overall grow looks great. Nothing to lose sleep over. Happy growing :v:

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Agree with the other community members. A good sign seeing the leaves pointing up…praying to the light gods. Sweet light and would recommend setting the PPFD/DLI with a meter or PHOTONE App. 14” at 1/4 intensity, your overall canopy coverage maybe lacking :love_you_gesture:

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At the canopy I’m showing around 600ppfd using photone. What would your ppfd suggestion be?

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Spot on if that’s the area coverage?? Raise and adjust the intensity for a wider spread. 900 would be a good flowering number :love_you_gesture:

I agree with everyone’s reply on this. Very healthy looking plants Praying :palms_up_together: to the light gods!!

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