Help wiring qb244 c2100a driver to 2 QB288 R spec boards

I was using this set up (18 ga wiring run in parallel) until about a year ago when I got sick and had to pack stuff away. I’ve been trying for two days to get up and running again to no avail. With an electrical meter I’m reading no missing connections (I do have what appears to be continuity). What am I missing?
I’m really not very electrically informed or even inclined, but I can follow a step-by-step recipe. And I need help. I have seeds that have germinated and I’m gonna need to get them in the pots pretty soon.

@dbrn32 or @fano_man can help.
Meanwhile if you can grab a few pictures that would help.

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Two 288 boards on that driver need to be wired in series. Positive from driver to one board, negative from driver to the other board. Then run Negative from board one to Positive on board 2.

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I can’t seem to get my computer to do what I want it to, re: pictures. (I know it knows what I want…)so here is a verbal description: Hot lead (black wire) from driver to neg connector on the board. Neutral (white wire) to pos connector. Then rewired the boards from parallel to series.

Switch those two.

Black to positive
White to negative.


Many thanks Covertgrower. I knew someone here could get me back on track. I GOTS LITES!!!
Now it is time to go burn one. Thanks again, man.


@Covertgrower im honored to be refered to a lighting question along side mr Miagi ( @dbrn32 ) but yea hes got you covered i wasent sure what parellel or in series was when i built my first light (im a plumber ) elctricitys greek …but i picked up greek pretty well thanks to @dbrn32 strait electical genius

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When i wired my first light up i double did it GREEK had a pos and a neg on both connector sids and seem to cut the power in half or be over pegging the driver and they were dissapointingly dim i wired up 4 1120 f series double for on 480 2100a really good match up i got… Of cousre first fixture i built had a faulty strip and only a cluster of. About 18 out of 100 diode lit up… I was damnit i broke it but i took the one bad on put it on the end of the parallell loop and replaced it with another strip (with longer leads for learning purposes) i found i had a bad strip …digi key replaced it with just an email and no returning of the item… :ok_hand:now thats customer service like 2nd day shipping without email resposnse i was stoked… What im saying tho is make sure u are wired 1 neg. On 1 board to 1 pos on second board then swap em board to board and they will be right on …when i doubled the wiring it was like halfing the power …it was sfill bright and good thing i had a pre built 600 rspec that shiwed me what bright should look like and i knew sonething was wrong … Also 2 rspecs from seed to harvest are a good choise and will work great just dont blast your babys keep that light dim or really high at first. Light stress on youngins can hurt if not kill baby babys… Rspecs are powerful light and u should be no closer the 30+ inchs even dimmed and gently lower and increase till they tell you too close or to much light because they will tell you

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So everything is good?

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