Help, White Fly Infestation at Harvest

I have 3 white widows (indoors) that became infested with white flies around week 11.
Yellow sticky paper caught 100’s, maybe 1000’s to no avail.
Sunday started week 13. I decided to cut losses and harvest.
I watered them all day, cut, washed and hung to dry that afternoon.
Set up a 4 tub wash,
Tub 1, 5 gal water, 32 oz of 3% hydrogen peroxide
Tub 2, 5 gal water, 1 cup baking soda, 1 1/2 cups lemon juice.
Tub 3 and 4 = 5 gal water rinse each.
Now it is Wednesday and the buds still have some ( far less ) white flies.
Some are hanging and some are in vacuum jars. I see flies walking in the jars.

What about freezing them ?
Is there anything I can do ?
Are they Trash of Hash ?

They are really nice buds and smoke well.
Thank in advance.


You got me. That sounds bad. May have to wash again, dry, and make oil. Or if a second wash gets rid of them, try smoking again.

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I think if it were me I’d freeze them and then do another wash after they thaw out.

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I’ll give that a try and report the results.
It’s for personal consumption and my entertainment, I like growing for fun ILGM.
We have a low tolerance, so a reduction in potency would be just fine.
Can’t figure out where the flies came from

kinda new to this but first couple of plants got hit with bunches of flies. Growing indoor inside a closet. Put up 4-5 fly strips that helped immensely but they kept coming around. Read garlic repels flies and chili peppers for mice. Had mice also. Anyway put chili peppers around the plants and 3 garlic bulbs. Haven’t had many at all since then, one or two flies. No mice droppings around either. Seems to help keeping the flies at bay

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The first wash worked but it took about 3 days for everything to die off.
The buds look and smell wonderful. There seems to be no change in appearance to the buds after washing, in fact they may look better.