Help, whats going on here

Little help here on whats the matter with my girls.

Grand daddy Kush, wk 8 flower, under a clw ss550, grown in organic soil mix.

So, thought i might have had nute burn or lockout and gave them a good flush till run off came out mostly clear. This was prob 3 days ago. Have not watered since or fed.
Now, ones gone all droopy, one is still bit perky but still shows symptoms of something im not sure of.
The spots were mites which i have since treated and have not seen much of a sign of return, just the damage left behind.
Any advice would be great.
Also how much longer roughly?

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Was this an all organic grow as in no chemical fertilizer? That kind of grow doesn’t get run off, if not did you catch a sample and test the PPMs and PH? :love_you_gesture:

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Kind of, i used an organic fert during veg but pretty sure chem p&k and calmag.

I dont have a ppm meter sorry. First time indoor.
I rarely had run off as i tried not to over water. I can ph test tge run off tho. Ph was always around 6 when watered and when fed.

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Can anyone tell me whats going on with these

Over watering does not happen from too much water a one time. It happens when you water too often and dont let the soil dry out in between waterings.


Gotcha, the PH is low and could be preventing some nutrient absorption. 6.5 would be the sweet spot with a range of 6.3-6.8. Knowing the PPMS is critical for feeding and to make sure you’re not over or under feeding. The run of testing lets you know the PH and PPMs with the PH and TDS pens. During veg I’m around 900-1000 and flower 1000-1100 PPMs. It’s a guessing game without the TDS pen :love_you_gesture: