Help! What’s up with the Leaves?

Hello y’all first time grower here, could you possibly tell me what’s up with this? Is it the pH? I switched to RO about twelve days ago and used pH up to raise the pH

looks like either nutrient burn or a issue with your calcium and magnesium levels. What is ph of RO? What is ph of soil? What kind of soil and what size containers?

RO is 6.8-6.9. I haven’t tested the pH of the soil. It was fox farm ocean forest. I haven’t used any other nutrients.

Looks like calmag deficiency to me…but I’m a rookie. A lot of knowledge on here someone can identify it for sure!

How would I fix that?

If you are using RO water you need to add cal-mag. Nearly everything is stripped from your water through reverse osmosis, calcium and magnesium included. Your OF soil may be starting to burn up the nutrients. Do you have a TDS meter. If not you need one. You will need to take runoff readings of ppm’s to see if your nutrients have been depleted in soil.