Help spider mites

What can I do to control, or kill off prefers ly spider mites?

Capt jacks dead bug spray works wonders so do growers ally products which include preventative terpene sprays. You will want to spray at lights out so the leaves dont get burnt up and be sure to get bottoms of leaves good. At harvest you will want to do a good bud wash. Also, you might want to spray pots, walls and floor, basically everything around plants. They are easy to kill but nearly impossible to get them all


Awesome… are those on Amazon? And do u know anything about Bergman’s bug blaster? @Medicineman33

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I havent tried it, but you can get the other stuff at lowes

Cool thnx man I appreciate it… U jus mix to their directions?

Lowes has it too!

Premixed in spray bottles, or econo sized to put in spray bottles

I doubt them pretty successfully with CJDB

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Sure jus picked a bottle up this morning from Lowes. Thnx for the help growmies

yellow stickies immediately, add companion plants to grow area like basil, sage, lavendar and others theres lots), start defoliation of leaves with eggs. make sure they go in trash, suggest using nitrite gloves to avoid any further contamination by moving eggs.

Mix the concentrate twice as much as what the directions say, it won’t disappoint.

How bad do you have them, and what stage are the plants in? Veg or flower? Mighty Wash I just had success with in Veg.