Help please! Is my plant going to grow any more

Hi everybody I’m new to this site an growing my plant is 4 weeks old it doesn’t seem like it’s growing anymore or any more leaves or maybe I’m just a lil to excited to start flowering so my question is is there something wrong with my plant here is sum pics


Definitely need better pics with natural light or even with the blurple off and a flash. But she looks about right for 4 weeks man. Welcome to the site btw, home of the baked! Keep it green and rolled up!!!:sunglasses:


Thanks really appreciate it I’m going to post some better pics in a lil bit

What size pot is that the plant needs to be in 5 gallon pot it might be root bond

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I’m still learning but I dont think its root bound (at least yet). Id transplant it ASAP tho to avoid/reduce shock etc. It doesn’t appear to be a nut, watering, or pH issues. I’m thinking (if its anything) its the lighting. What kind of lighrs are you using? There are two leaves curling up, id assume thats a lighting issue. Possibly too close and compensating for a low wattage bulb/setup? Just a thought.

Other than the slowed growth (that you’ve noticed) she looks great and healthy!


What kind of seed fem regular. Auto?

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I run a hlg qb 320xw


Thanks so much I really appreciate everybody

Here is a better pic

Is there anything I need to do for transplant?

Im sure some would have better advise (or more technical) but id cut the cup using scissors and transplant the entire system (roots, dirt, etc) into a 5 gallon cloth pot. It should be ready for FFOF soil too.

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Its 4 weeks old, I dont think it’s rootbound already, what size pot is it in? Granted a transplant up is most likely next but the leaves tacoing is probably light issue or prolonged wet soil. How close is the light and what kind of light is it? Due you water the soil everyday or every other day? You saw the ticket that Friend posted, can you answer some of them or atleast the ones I mentioned. Other slight possibility is Mag deficiency which I doubt you are feeding CalMag or Epson salt??

I’m using mg soil I just started using cal mag I use spring water I water every couple of days it’s a basic led grow light my seed is from Versace I got the seeds from some Versace I purchased it was badly pollinated it had lots of seeds seeds after seeds in there an this is a pic of what kinda pot it’s in wasn’t sure what size it is I no it’s not a 5 gallon :scream:

Mg = miracle grow??? Stay away from that stuff when you replant it… how close is the light? After looking at the picture the brown on the edge of the leaves looks brown. And I have to ask why is it in a cardboard box? LoL

LoL…edit - brown on leaf looks BURNT…lol

I knew that question was coming Lol I put it the box for a little while while I had company over an they have very small children busy bodies plus I didn’t want any body asking about it yes Miracle Gro I went with that off somebody’s else’s suggestion this is all new to me I’m very interested in learning the inns and outs I just ordered sum 5 gallon grow bags sum neem oil an I will be ordering a better light system I been ordering piece by piece off people recommendations on YouTube what do you recommend? For a complete setup

What kinda soil do u recommend?

Ya it’s easy to catch the grow bug…good for you it’s addicting, be careful… lol and the money spending never ends. There’s always something that can be better or grow bigger buds… I’m sure all you’ve heard about is Quantum boards which is the cat’s meow or doing a complete build utilizing strips or COB’s. Regardless you’ve found a great site with lots of great ppl to help ya with. Welcome btw, I’m an FFOF soil guy, I haven’t made the hydro switch yet but I suppose it’s coming in the next year most likely. Im surprised someone recommended mg for you to use. It’s an absolute no no with all it’s time released ferts. I shouldn’t say absolute there is always someone that will come along and counter…lol