Help please! Im not sure what is causing this

I run a 4 pot recirculating deep water culture system. Its in week three. 12/ 12 light cycle this came on within a few days. Nutrients are general hydroponics micro, grow, and bloom trio. Just flushed. Thinking it could be nutrient lock out ph was 6.4, 1689 ppm, had a bad oder similar to spinach but not as strong smelling.


Do you use a pesticide? First pic i see flys on your plant

Yea they just got in There today live out in the country so flys can be a problem… the flys are not the cause to the leaves i am sure

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You should fill out a support ticket with as much info as you can. It kind of looks like nute nurn to me.

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Support ticket???

Ph: / runoff
Ppm/tds/ec: N/a
Indoor/ outdoor

What’s your temps and humidity?
first picture looks like nitrogen toxicity and possibly lights to close.
Second one looks like heat stress and humidity low?
Really kinda hard to say without more info.

if you grow under HPS, maybe change the bulb.
my instinct says something climate related, but it could be many things

Yeah that’s high on both. I would do a drain and reset on the nutrient solution. 5.8/900-1000 would be the ideal PH/PPMs

What do the roots look like and the reservoir temps. Temps above 70 can lead to pythium (root rot) are you inoculating the roots with Hydroguard or Southern Ag :love_you_gesture: