Help.. Overwatering or something else?

**Both Afghan Outdoor plants look very healthy today **
Day 26, |383x287.1307692307692

the three mystery seeds are also doing better. I believe the one that looks… wrong?.. idk how to say it but its dark and curling. its been this way since the beginning. obvi dont know the genetics of it so…

Day 34

everyone together

The outdoor guys usually are outdoors but there was a massive rain/thunder storm so I brought them in for safety. FUCK YOU THUNDAHH

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heres the weirdo

This was two days ago. It actually looks slightly better today (see last post)

If ur stems are straight up but the leaves curls downward, its usually overwatering.

Underwatering is more of a pure wilting.

And very dark leaves with ‘clawlike’ tips are normally a nitrogen toxicity. Some strains just are nute sensitive. But i dont see that being the issue (unless u know u nuked her) :beers: to looking better


I tend to agree with Purp that weirdo my need less water or less frequently watered than the others. Let her dry out more and go from there.

Also I’ve seen in my experience that overwatering can also cause the plant to eat more and cause Nitrogen toxicity etc…she processes more.
They like to go through the wet to dry cycle so maybe wait until weirdo droops the I need water droop


@PurpNGold74 @Skydiver makes sense. I think just because they grew up together they get the same foodz. I will let her* dry out and see how she does. ONLY reason I’m concerned is because this plant has ALWAYS looked weirdo-ish

still dont know if female*

Most weirdo plants turn out to be pretty good smoke (and females). Males (in my experience) start out healthy and hearty as heck! Ive always been soooo disappointd at my best plants turnin out to be a dude


Dude looks like a Lady

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I always get nervous when a seedling shoots up, “racy” they always end up male for me


males dont release the pollen til later though right? So I have some time to properly confirm gender? there are tinyyyyy things growing in the nodes, pistols or sack but cant tell yet. Photos later

The tiny sharp green things are stipules i believe… they always trick me into thinking i have a girl too soon.

Yes u have time. After u go to 12-12 (with photoperiod plants) that triggers the sexing. Maybe a week into it the reproductive parts let u know which it is. Then u have about 2-3 more weeks usually before he starts moneyshotting ur girls.


Brutal visual hahahaha


Haha! That’s exactly the reaction i meant to inspire.

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Bud-kakke? Lol


This thread is going off the reservation quick :joy::rofl::joy:


So out of my 5 total plants, I have 3 that came from the baggie and 2 Afghan FEM

right now, Its safe to say we have hit peak growth. Sarada (need to start naming them) is by far the most healthy and will be staying in the tent with the Afghan Girls. There is just not enough room for the two others. There are a few small bugs that are landing on leaves for the outdoor girls.

Doing research on organic pesticides. any recommendations? In New England, so August will be mid 80’s.



Two Weirdos^

Tent Chillin - Sarada on left. 38 days

two afghan kush on right. 30 Days

Watch out for contaminating the indoor grow, going in to out n the like. Damn critters are sneaky! What kind of insects? Best to nuke them early before flower. Food grade DE is a powdery measure. Put some on ur dirt and it becomes akin to walking on glass for bugs, larvae, n eggs. Neem oil is also used alot around here (before flower) u can spray it on leaves and it declares war for u. Capt Jack’s makes a pesticide that i believe @GreenJewels uses. A mixture of peroxide and water (50-50) can also be applied. It usually takes multiple applications but when it comes to bugs i dont believe in overkill.

Post a pic of one if u can


it was just a few small flies and I saw them when I dropped the plants off outside today.

Not saying we have issues yet. But I am nervous because as of now, everything has been indoor.

O ok. Was it after a good watering? Gnats sound like what ur talking about. And they propagate more when soil is wet often. No big deal with them. Sticky paper will handle most

I use this for gnats
I use as preventative with all plants
Cheap and effective at killing the larvae just put some granules on top of soil and when you do water it releases the BTi strain of critters that kill the gnat larvae. There are other products that also have the BTi strain. Just make sure if you buy that it specifies the BTi strain.