Help! Newer grower issues

Gorilla glue my 1st shot at this strain and it is growing and growing for weeks not and very tiny whips buds. How do I get it bloom? Or should I just keep it going or top it. I am running out of height. I tried to load a pic but I couldn’t get to load. Any help would be great

If you can fill out a support ticket it would help alot and a picture or to would also help and is it a auto or photo not really much to go on here if its a photo then you have to reduce the light hours

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Is it a auto flower or is it a photoperiod plant if its a auto they do have a tendency to vegg for awhile ,i have a gorilla glue auto it went to week 9 before it started to flower .you can flip to a 12/12 cycle to get it to flower


Ok I will get that complete tomorrow hopefully. Thank you

Wow I am a novice lol I will get what I don’t have and get back on here…. Thank you for all of the help!

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