Help Need info please

Hello all I’m just wondering if there is a concern or something I need to do as my kali mist is growing well.but it’s got a couple things happening to the one leaf at the top of it. Other one is just fine. Thanks for any help or info. Happy growing all.


Welcome to the community Growmie, I don’t see anything to be concerned about. The node spacing is telling me the the lighting distance is too high causing that stretched looked. Lower the light and adjust the intensity :love_you_gesture:


Ditto. :point_up_2:

You’re going to have leaves with blemishes as the plant matures. Nothing to worry about.

Welcome to the forum.


Hello and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: everything looks dandy other than lowering the light a titch. BTW, I love salmon.

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Thanks man.
My lights are 7 inches away at the moment. Should they be closer and I will turn down the intensity. And thanks for the welcome to the group. Happy growing.


Thanks for the help. I fish for salmon close to home. Every year.

Thanks for the help

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Welcome aboard. What light? Sorry to ask but that is all of our primary first concerns. Nutes can be adjusted…insufficient light has to be upgraded.

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How many watts is the light? Assuming it’s not dimmable??

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Painting walls white may help increase reflectivity. Else, reflective lining.