Help my plant is dying

Hi I have two gold leaf plants growing. They started out fine but now I ran into issues. I have them on there is 600 Watt metal highlight bulb I feed them advance nutrients Connoisseur. Are use distilled water I keep my ppm’s around 230 I try to keep my pH at 5.8 I’ve been having a hard time. The pH will be low when I check it sometimes I try to check it a few times a day but it appears to drop in between the times that I check it. Here are some pictures the two bigger ones are goldleaf the smaller one is a seed that I had Found in a bag

Are you adding ca/mag? distilled water need it added back

I have added Cal mag butI think the plant does not like it because the leaves will look crinkly/rough. A week ago they were a little yellow But I’ve been adding more nutrients to it and it got greener I haven’t noticed it grow any and the leaves look thin not wide like they normally do

How old is plant… looks like ppm should be around 600 … more food is necessary…
Call mag should be 2 to 3 mil per gallon … no more then 3 mill per gallon…
Your ppm seems really low for how old your plant looks… :grin:
Fill out a support ticket… :wink:
You will get better info…


Thanks for the advice the plant is around five months old I was waiting for the other two to catch up some so I could flip the light schedule. How do I fill out a support ticket I do not see a support ticket option around here…Well I Add a new chance brought the PPM up to about 400 didn’t want to burn anything out and I added more Cal mag but this is what happens my leaves look like this