Help my, ballast

The last two days when timer comes on & exhaust starts my light have fallen much longer than before. I figure I need a new balllast and ordered one. Problem is I can’t get before we’d. So, is there anything I can do for girls. Just started veggie we’d.

Research: CFL, T5, T8 Cheapest quick fix; Especially in early veg

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Thank you so much! Didn’t want girls to die😞

Love t5’s for veg cooler cheaper to run and can be purchased at big box hardware stores easily


How many would I need? I only need till I get new ballast in. I was fearful as started veggie wed

I know you have had temp problems in the past I run 3 2 bulb x3’ banks in my mother space and they like it. growth rates are slightly slower but lush green and healthy and the lights only cost about $30 per bank bulbs included and I am not using HO high output or special bulbs plants just like the even spectrum of light off them

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So two fixture, 6 bulbs. Using only t5, do I need t8 as well. It’s only till ballast come in next Friday. I also have contacted mfg. as I’ve only run two weeks so maybe I’ll now have a backup. But think I’d like the t5 for seedlings in early stages anyway.

I use a 2’ 4 lamp fixture T5 Here is a pik It Rocks!

I veg for 2-4 weeks under this lamp. Good for several seedlings IN fact; This lamp will cover a typical 11"x22" propagation tray with dome.


That cost me about 65 bucks. Here you go.

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Thanks for info & cost on Amazon. Picked up some t5 yesterday, but when I ok timer off and plugged straight in and it worked. During my short stint I’ve found to backup, backup & more backup. I had already purchased​ replacement bulbs, fans, exhaust But didn’t think ballast would go as it’s only been on for a little over a week. While I’ve got you here may I ask : read Roberts grow guide for indoors, however it looks like they are extending the veg state. Is this to make bigger & better or would I be advised to go by the schedule Robert sent in email for week at 40" and week @ 20"?
Without y’all I would have never have made it this far.
I’m y’all’s biggest fan. Everyone’s so helpful, genetics are awesome, got the prettiest girls started! Many many thanks

Quick question: if my ballast is a 400 watt to super lumen this means a600watt Hp would not work? If I use a 400 HP what damage would it do? This ballast is the above & maybe the timer as last night the ballast came on but no lights until I unplugged timer and plugged into wall.

Answered my own question after searching more. Thank all the same

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Was going to say super lumen usually only means around 10% wattage boost and is for when your bulb is nearing end of it’s prime and you just want to finish last week or 2 of a grow not for months on end

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Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it🙆

If you have a 400 watt ballast; You have to use a 400w lamp. Do not mix and match lamps and ballasts. The only exception is a conversion bulb, and you do not need to worry about that, at this time.

Keep in mind; Donaldj and I are giving you good ideas. You need to continue to stay proactive and keep adapting to the current goings on in your grow.

Happy growing, :slight_smile: lw