Help me understand how to read feeding charts

I will be using AN Sensi Coco Grow and Sensi Coco Bloom for my next grow. I don’t understand how to interpret this calculator (picture attached). Does the 1ml in week 1 represent the TOTAL amount of nutrients for the week or the amount to mix per feeding, no matter how many times I feed?AN|690x388

The 1 ml amount is per liter of water (or 4ml per gallon of water), which is the unit of water you chose in the calculator.

You mix 1ml/l every time you water them in that week.

Ahhhh…that’s what I needed to know. So, if I water twice a day I mix 1ml of that particular nutrient per liter of water each time I water. Thanks M4ur and Hellraiser.

This should be a little easier to understand. Note: You don’t need to use the entire lineup, but all the measurements are there should you choose to add any of these supplements. It’s just the amount you mix per gallon. How much you give it just depends on how much the plant can uptake, which for the most part is controlled by the size of your container and the root density.

uh yeah but be advised these figures dont account for your waters starting ec! I think thats where some folks get a bit sucker punched particularly on young plants!

Oh and I made the mistake when I started using the formula off the bottles of the GH trio to feed tomatoes hydroponically! Uh nope! Tgey were ONFIRE ! Burned the shit out of them! Seems they dont stipulate the formula on the bottle is for Cannabis! And even my weed was ONFIRE! Once again young plants dont like the ec you get when you use the recipe on the bottles and you waters starting ec! Just a :warning: best to start with half doses and watch what happens first.

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I have questions about this point also. If my target EC is say…800 and my water has an EC of 200, do I mix the nutes to 600 or the full 800?

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@TommyBahama Thanks for the chart. I will put it to good use. You would think these nute manufacturers would add the simple phrase “recommended dosage per watering” on their charts. But, I guess since most people using these nutes are adding them to a reservoir and not hand watering it’s not a relevant point.

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Yep thats the theory, its one reason municipal or well water can be crappy. The other reason is if your standing water has a high ec what exactly is in the water thats high? Lots of things most likely but maybe the Phosphate levels are high or calcium? Who knows? So ask your water purveyor or get it tested if its above 200.