Help me choose my next run!

So I’m currently getting close to finishing my first grow. Went with 3 GSCE Autos from ILGM. I think they’re doing pretty well. Below is a link to my journal if you are interested.

First Grow GSCE Autos

Shortly after starting this I went on a seed buying bender and ended up with way too many choices for my next run. I could really use some help picking one out. On this run I did 3 plants with zero training and the tent got crowded quickly. So I’m thinking about just doing 1 or 2 plants max with training. I’m using a 3x3x6 tent.

Anyway, here’s my list and not everything is from ILGM. Hope that’s OK.

All of them are autos.

Here are my choices:

GSCE (just did 3 so probably won’t do this again but it’s on the list anyway)
Bruce Banner
Gorilla Glue

Barney’s Farm:
Wedding Cake

Night Owl:
Galaxy Brain

Mephisto Genetics:

Fast Buds:

Alaskan Purple

Twenty20 Mendocino:
Whiskey Zulu F3

I’m leaning towards Blueberry AND Blackberry. But not sure yet.

Give me some input! Help me out here! I’m curious what others might think!


Banner. Skywalker. Blackberry.

Skywalker would be my fav.

But welcome to the ultimatw growers conundrum. When u have too many strains, what do u grow next. Haha. Im sitting on maybe 100+ strains. No idea how to go next round


Well ya got some sweet earthy, what else do ya like? I’d want to have some citrus and a berry or two in the pantry. Runtz and blueberry caught my eye.