HELP - Leaf issues - Little Dwarf - Autoflower age 1 month

Leaf issues - Little Dwarf - Autoflower age 1 month


I would really appreciate any help you can provide me with.

This is Boris, he’s been growing for one month.

John ignes no 1

Added a fan last night, awoke this morning to find these patches on the leaves. It looks like an insect of some description, or early calcium deficiency. But I’m a novice so I don’t know.


Many thanks


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There were also tiny little black flies bopping around in the grow tent.

i hate bugs!

See if anyone can help @Missiles @MattyBear these folks are great

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Thanks @Smokinnuggs let me call in more help @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 thanks guys :wink:


Black flies that look like gnats? Crawling around in the soil?


Little black flies are probably fungus gnats. What has your feed schedule been with coco? What are you feeding and how much, how often, etc. Also, have you been PHing your water?


Yes, and flying around.

Water PH - Between 6 - 6.75

Coco is just a small amount, 1/10th mixed in with the compost.

Feeding Bio Grow, trace amounts, as I don’t want to burn them due to the Ignes already being nutrient rich.

Ordered some nematodes to eat them up and some sticky yellow fly paper.

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Sounds like fungus gnats. As @MattyBear said.
The only thing I’ve found that works is BTi, ( Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). The other strains of BT don’t seem to be effective. You can find it on eBay and through a google search.

Don’t overwater your plants, let them dry out. If the gnats don’t completely disappear in two weeks get BTi. Or, you can be proactive and just buy some. $15 will get you 2oz, which is plenty.

The sticky yellow paper catches them, but all it takes is one little gnat to lay 300 eggs. It’s a good way to judge your infestation.


Dose the patch on the leaf kinda look like leaf miners? Maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing
Never mind they would be bigger patches sorry

Thanks Drinkslinger, I really appreciate your help.
I treated Boris with nematodes, removed the top layer of soil and added a thick layer of vermiculite.

He seems to be recovering.
I pruned four leaves that died. !

The new photos I’m adding, is this damage related or some other litlle bugger getting up in his business?


@Missiles @MattyBear @Smokinnuggs @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410


Apologies for tagging you directly, Would any of you be able to assist with some advice, relating to the most recent photos I’ve added to this post?

Many thanks, much appreciated.


What are you measuring ph with, and has it been calibrated? Otherwise they look a little stretchy and nitrogen rich

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I have the PH meter in the soil, which is one of those three way jobs, light, moisture, soil pH.

When I’m watering, which is a soft spray on the surface soil, most is absorbed through the bottom, to discourage gnats in the topsoil.

I’m using a Semlos PH meter.

Watering at about 6.34 - 6.60

Any way to reduce the nitrogen, or just wait until the plant exhausts it?


Try this ILGM visual SYMPTOM CHECKER :arrow_left:

What kind of soil is she in, and what nutrients are you feeding, and how much. Lack of lighting, and too much nutrients is what I see just from the picture, with out asking questions. @Cbatchaos


John Ignes no 1, mixed with some coca and vermiculite.

Nutrients, Bio Grow(bg) , Top Max™ , Bio Bloom(bb).

But I’ve only fed it once, that was yesterday, I gave it 0.5ml(bg), 1ml each of the others.

Was planted 16th February.

It has a full spectrum LED light, I could move it closer but its at 12" above, 50 Watts, 50/60hz

Thanks for responding.


@Cbatchaos I suspect you’re on the edge of having PH issues if you don’t have a proper meter.
Less is more when it comes to nutrients, so I would cut back, a bit. The light won’t be enough when it goes to flowering.

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Your plant isn’t very big and maybe isn’t requiring to be fed in the soil yet. It’s big enough that is probably requiring more than spray of water though. About how much water do you give it and how often?

Side note and likely unrelated, your light is pretty small. That’s why you have the big gaps between branches. This can get out of control before too long.