Help! I've painted myself into a corner

My situation is that I have three plants doing fairly well. Aside from some calcium deficiency spots, they are growing fairly well for my first grow. One is already blooming, and the other two are a couple of weeks behind her. They all have to feed from the same reservoir and nutrient solution. I use GH three part with calmag and I start with distilled water. I have had them on transitional nutrients up until now, but I don’t know if I should keep them all on the transitional formula until the ones that are behind start to catch up, or if it would be wiser to feed the larger plant the bloom formula now and let the others compensate??

I don’t know if there is a right or wrong, but if you have anything to offer please let me know, thanks.


If they are at different stages you probably should be feeding them the corresponding nutrients . The ones that are in flower is switch to full bloom nutrients . If the other plants aren’t quite there yet I’d continue with the translational nutes until they are in flower.
A simpler answer for your next grow would be to switch to jacks 321. One mix seed to harvest. :v:

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I would if I could but they are all hooked into a high pressure aeroponics unit that is only designed to feed them from one reservoir. I am going to hit this again later on (If they survive now) at the end when some are ready to flush and others need to finish up…any thoughts about whats coming at me then? Thanks for the input Watt-sunn Ima check out jacks and see if it could help me out in the future.

Stick with your schedule and let the plants tell you what they need. If one further along shows a P or K def then it’s time to adjust schedule. Also; I run a little more N than is usually called for as I like a green canopy at harvest.


Solid advice…thanks Myfriendis420

If you are in a soiless medium you could run the transition noots and supplement the flowering plant with additional flowering noots just to give her the added P and K
As @Myfriendis410 said though, dont cut off the N… you will run into problems

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I use a drain to waste system. I have two root chamber that are both fed from the same reservoir. I don’t know how to separate the foods…

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I see? Hmm? Yeah thats more of a compromise kinda thing. Personally, a flowering plant can still flower with a grow food schedule, but a vegging plant will suffer on a flowering formula. So Id stick with veg / transition until they all flip. What I would ultimately suggest would be to run clones of the same mom in a drain to waste system.


Thanks man, that’s exactly what I needed. I think I am gonna keep them on transitional formula and raise my EC since they seem to be hungry. Thanks a tons bro…


Good plan

Any thoughts about how I’m gonna flush and feed at the same time in a few weeks lol??

Wouldnt you just drain the rez and refill it with flower food and some N ? Im not sure what the issue is? Do you drain and replace your rez fluids once a week or so?

Oh I see… how you feed the plants that have time yet vs the done plant? Well in my opinion flushing or washing out the plant is kinda questionable if it actually does anything anyway. Id just keep feeding as per and harvest the done plant. That way you can test first hand if it actually dose make a difference.

Another good plan man thanks again you are full of good ideas. I can feed the BB until it’s ready to chop, and if the AM haze lag a bit let them finish flowering and give em a good flush and see what tastes better. You can check out my grow journal if you wanna see what I’m working with…

Okay I just skimmed through nobody else noticed OP said using distilled water… :roll_eyes: Might wanna go RO or even tap instead.

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What’s wrong with distilled water as long as I supplement cal/mag?

When you distill tap water , its mineral content is reduced to zero. Hydroponic nutrient mixes are balanced to work in water that is expected to contain low to moderate levels of calcium and magnesium. So if you use distilled water , the nutrient mix does not have optimal mineral balance and/or pH levels.Using Distilled Water for Plants - A Beginner's Guide |

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As for your feeding question are you going by the DWC on bottom of this chart

I use high pressure aeroponics. I cannot risk a clogged mister or a nutrient variable in my method of growing. I start with distilled water to have total control over the precise nutrient mix, including calcium and magnesium in my solution. Distilled water is a blank slate and I ph it to 6.0 using a bluelab combo meter. Tap water is a more of variable for what I am trying to accomplish. The dissolved solids take the place of what could be dissolved nutrients, and the extremely hard tapwater that I have in my home would not suit my purposes. I understand that the nutrient mix is formulated to be used with water that already has calcium and magnesium dissolved solids available, but distilled water is really my best choice.


I have been using the proportions off the back off the bottles for transitional formulaa which is 10 ml a gallon of each plus the calmag… I have been raising the EC in that formula, but I clearly have plants in two very different stages of growth.