Help identifying these pests


What’s everyone useing for pest control???

Capitan Jacks Dead bug, I use about once a week in veg, and as needed in flower…realy try not to apply anything during flower…but will if needed.


Those are not good bugs. I would definitely get rid of them. :blush::v:

You can take a pic and google will find it going off that pic u take

I found these on mine and I’d been looking to see what was eating some of my leaf’s and it was this little bug just like your picture. I watched it munching away.

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I’ve been using Growers Ally Crop Defender 3 on my recent grow. Organic and can be used up to the day of harvest with no effect. I’ve provide a link below.

So I had some yellowish spots on these leaves and I was not sure exactly what was causing it so I sprayed with some bromide product and clipped off some of the out heavily damaged leaves just second week of flowering. Should I just left them on? And I saw one bug which I assume was killed from the spray

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I use Monterey BT. Its organic and you can use it up until harvest. It does not kill pollinators but it will kill the caterpillars by starving them to death. The caterpillars did a job on my super skunk by boring into several buds, This was my first time growing so I did not know what I was looking at until they were well established. But this growing season it all out war against these critters and I will prevail.

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