Help identifying plant issue

I’m growing two ILGM auto sour diesel plants in 2-gallon smart pots. Indoor grow tent. Mars hydro TS1000 LED light. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, 30 percent of pot added with perlite. Temperature: 75-80, humidity 40-50 percent.

They are in week 3, and one of the plants has had a bleaching on its leaves ever since it started growing while there have been no issues I have noticed with the color of the leaves of the other plant. Both were planted at the same time and have been growing next to each other under the same conditions. I have not given them any nutrients. Just using tap water and lowering the Ph to 6.3-6.5 before watering them.

I included a photo of both plants for comparison.

Thank you for any feedback you may have.


Kinda looks like a phenotype of the plant to me. If it doesn’t get worse and continues to show like that, it might be just a cool look.

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Thats normal when they are young and growing fast, its kinda like a stretch mark on human skin.

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That is some cool leaf variegation. :blush::v:

Exactly this. She’s just variegated. The older growth will (probably) eventually grow out of it, but she will likely stay mottled her whole life.


Got a variegated one myself at the moment.


Its a colour variation in that plant nothing to worry about

Great. Appreciate the responses!

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