First time weed grow, SD Auto week 2 variegated looking leaves

Hey everybody! First post and first time weed grower here, nice to meet you all and I am enjoying this forum and community greatly, so thank you all!

Like the title says, I’ve got two sour d autos from ILGM growing in FFOF soil, 5-gallon fabric pots, SF1000 led at 22” in a 2x2 grow tent kept between 75-80F and 50 to 60% RH, lights 18/6, watering about 200 mL 6.3 PH’d water (I’ve been reading on here 6.3 is a bit low for soil so I will correct it to around 6.5 on the next watering unless someone suggests otherwise).

Anyway the girls are about 3.5” tall and appear to be pretty happy to me but one of them has spotted variegated looking leaves…I have been looking around on here for similar posts but have not run into anything that looked like this…is she trying to tell me something’s wrong or is she just a special girl? Will she grow out of it and is there any cause for concern? Is this variegation or something else?

I’m also attaching a couple pics of the “normal” looking girl which has the same bday and genetics.


Welcome @Weedus_Maximus .
Not to worry. There have been quite a few posts with the exact same issue. What you see is just some variegation. Think of it as birthmark or just uneven skin tone. Quite common and harmless. They will grow out of it. Your girls look happy and healthy.


Just a heads up my experience. The SF-1000 was not enough light for two plants in my case. One completely took over the tent even though I rotated them frequently and treated them exactly the same.


@HMGRWN Excellent, much appreciated!

@OooWee1184 Did you top or do any training or just let them go? I was planning on doing SCROG training and maybe top them to keep them under control. Cheers!

If you look at my journal I set up 2 autos in a 2x2. Had to buy another sf1000, they outgrew it. Then decided to go another route. That tent is good for 1 plant unless you use small pots… maybe 2 plants in 2 gallons. But it’ll kill your yield. Better off with 1 plant in that space.

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I did train the bigger one, yes. Also topped. As you can see, the one on the right consumed the tent. Here’s a pic:


@Low , that’s a bummer about the light man! I started reading through your journal last night so just checking back in to let you know I’m a slow (studious) reader but definitely picking up some good tips and will get through it this weekend for sure. I’m a the part where you’re considering the 4x4 setup with the 600w light.

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