Help I have runoff issues

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed : ILGM 6 Maui Wowie
• Method: Top Soil - Organic Top Soil
• Soil brand and type: Burpee Organic Top Soil
• Vessels: 5 Gallon nursery grade plastic buckets
• PH of Water, Solution; Between 6.4 and 6.6, runoff PH = between 7.4 and 7.71
• PPM/TDS 1450
• Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
• Light system King LED 2000W – 18 hour on, 6 off
• Temps; Day, Night: precisely: trying to keep temp 78-82 Day, 68-70 Night
• Humidity; Day, Night approximately 50% - 60%
• Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch /w Carbon Filter
• AC; No,
Humidifier, Yes

In addition to the information above, I’m using Fox Farms Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Cal-Mag, and I’m following their schedule.

Maybe I’m getting this wrong, but my interpretation of this is, you start off with just big bloom, and as the weeks go on you gradually add the others on the weeks column marked with a measurement amount for the nutrient on that row.
Now I have runoff issues as shown Above and I don’t even feed twice a week like Fox Farms states you can
There are still plenty of nutes in the water. Should I skip feeding and just water at 5.80 to get the PH level down. That is most likely why the PPMs in the runoff are so high, or should I flush continuously until soil is 6.5?


Looks healthy to me, I would not worry about run off Ph

And my runoff PPMs range between 1030 and 2140 if I’m reading my pen correctly. I use an Apera Pc60. When the TDS screen shows values under 999 it shows in PPMs, over 999 and you get decimal response in PPTs. I’m guessing it stands for Part Per Trillion so my conversion could be off. The 2140 reading read 2.14 ppt.

ppt - parts per thousand

Looks good to me. I’d just make sure the water was ph’d correctly and carry on.

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They look great and happy, i would not worry until they say otherwise. As far as ph out goes, if you did do a flush, which fox farms themselves even recommends, dont go below the ph window of 6.3 to 6.8. In other words dont go in under 6.3 or you will open more problems. Also if you did end up doing a flush, follow it up with a feed immediately after. Its only overwatering if you water to much too often, and not to much one time. Good luck and nice work