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trying to set up a dutch bucket system, I have everything except my reservoir, air pump, and water pump.
not sure as to how big of a reservoir I need? and how big of a pump? im using 6 11 litter buckets to grow.
a 1 1\2in drain return, and a 3\4in supply line, with 1\4in line to the top of bucket.
anyone else use this system


I’m not aware of anyone here using Dutch bucket system, but we have an awesome group of hydro growers. @Bogleg @Myfriendis410 @peachfuzz @tdubwilly and others.

I believe you are suppose to find the volume of your piping and buckets under operation and then make sure the level of res doesn’t go low enough to cavitate pump. I’m pretty lazy, so I would likely just get the biggest res I could find/fit. Then run the system without plants to see how high I had to fill it to run properly.


Line in line out? What?

I do these

White is a under current system with a Felix 1080 pump

Black is just a simple rdwc, if I did another rdwc I would use two bulkhead fittings per bucket and allow the water to flow straight thru


@dbrn32 has you pretty much covered…
What are your specific questions …?
I know exactly what system you are talking about so I should be able to help…
Are you using this system indoors…?


I couldn’t say it better


When in question…get the bigger one

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Water Pump strength and hose or PVC diameter plays a huge roll in water level. The last thing anyone wants is flooding, which is why you should always test run systems for several days after they have been built.

The size of the hose/pvc that feeds the plant buckets is of no huge concern but the size of return hose/pvc that returns water to the reservoir is important. Water movement through this hosing is usually only done through “draining” the water instead of “pumping” it.

Any hose/pvc of this nature I would suggest at least being 2" in diameter. If you “choke” any of your lines that “drain” by choosing hosing that is too small in diameter then the water level in your plant buckets will always be higher than in your reservoir and you don’t want that.

Once again, test runs will answer every question you could possibly have about water movement.

Air pump size is a little different and test runs won’t answer that questing for you. I like growing with the larger pumps that are over 900cfm

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