Much a do about parts… what do you recommend?

Ok so I haven’t finished this tent and I am thinking about the next one…. Just getting into hydro and I want to do more.

Here’s what I am hoping some experts and experience will weigh in on:

  1. How many “buckets” in a 5 x 5 tent? I have 2 but I am leaning towards 4.
  2. Best bucket recommendations? Looking for hydro friendly with no leaching issues, don’t want toxins in my stuff. Right or wrong I started with Ez store 13 gallons.
  3. What should I use for bulk heads if I change to 2 inch pvc returns and a one 1 inch feed? Same concern looking for food grade options
  4. Is schedule 40 ok for the PVC?
  5. Best shut off valve option for drain line?

Looking forward to hearing what you feel is best, tag a hydro expert if ya know one please!:blush:


I’d do schedule 80 (the more expensive dark stuff) schedule 40 works but because it’s white can develop algae inside. My main feed line is sch 40 and I do see algae on clean out. Alternatively it could be painted to black it out.

Maybe @OGIncognito


Agree with @low and would recommend visiting a few hydro journals here on the forum. You’ll get Lot of good info. My recommendation would be keeping the reservoir temps within a range of 65-70 to prevent pythium, most accomplish this with a chiller. Sounds like you’re looking at a RDWC system for 4 buckets or totes in a 5 x 5 :love_you_gesture:


Four at most without crowding. Ditch the buckets and use yellow-topped totes to increase capacity. I used 19 gallon. A standing reservoir will also pay dividends over straight DWC as PH and nutrient swings are greatly reduced, the more volume you have.

Also a chiller is a great idea. Don’t forget maximum air to the totes.

I would also look into Jack’s with silica.

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Got a 1/10 active aqua chiller.:grin: that should keep things in line…

Can you share a link to your set up? Was planning on 13 gallon units like these. 4 + 1 rez.

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Sorry, looking at my original post, I could have been clearer.

Yes, I am trying out RDWC. Years ago, I ran drip systems in a promix with adv nutrients.

I am testing out a 2 - 13 gallon units in a 4 x 4, but I don’t know if I will be content with it. Running 3/4” poly pipe for the feed and return lines with an external rez, chiller and pump.

I am kicking around moving up to a 5 x 5 set up, to match my light size better. I also have a weird fixation on running a Venturi valve in the pot, don’t ask, I get stuck on stupid things and just want to see if I can do with out an air pump and stones……

Between ordering a light that was bigger than I need in the 4x4 and running an oversized pump to create the Venturi, it feels like I should scale up the tent… which means I get to play with more things like building out a better system….

Not sure what I will do with the extra weed but that should be easy to figure…:joy::joy::joy:

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That would be a great choice.

Done correctly, you might be able to set up a waterfall which would add O to your totes.

So I was thinking, something like this. Using these to create the Venturi.

That should push a ton of air off a 900 gph pump.


Can’t have too much air…

This is not true as with all things, there is always a point at which there is too much.

Airation causes friction which causes heat, which you do not want, so there is a point at which you can have too much.

Ok so my current set up isn’t working. Anyone good with diagnosing water movement? I kinda need to run this one a bit while I get to a new option…

My issue is my rez is draining faster than water returns.

I am running a 950 gph danner pump through 3/4 inch line into 2 pots. The res and pots are 13 gallons what whatever is in the chiller.

The rez sits about 4” higher than everything to prime the pump. Worth noting the return feed has a 9” climb to get out of the tent.

Going to try raising the pots by 9 inch’s tomorrow to see if that helps…… worried my feed is stronger than the size for return.

Let me know what your best thoughts are?

Maybe this will help.

Four 17 gallon totes for the buckets and reservoir.
2 inch drain without valves on the back.
3/4 input into the system. I have valves I bought on Amazon in that part.
1/10 hp chiller. Works great.

This space is a 8x10 room.