Help, gray mold

High ya’ll , tried an auto outside for the first time this year it has rained a lot. I have some gray mold starting. She probably has 4 to 6 weeks to go. I have been watching every day and seem to find alittle more every day or so. Should i just bit the bullet and get her out of the patch because i have 3 fems that are in full blown bloom right next to her. Should i wash my vegging fems. with something to maybe combat what might be left as far as spores and infect them when they start flowering. I built a pvc frame and put tarp over her and kept her dry for about a week know and also have had a box fan blowing on her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks

I meant to say my fems. are in vegg. not bloom my bad

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@bodean you can try a sulfur burn to stop the mold
Look up sulfur burner oin the search engine on this forum you’ll find a bunch of info you can get one from Amazon for around 100$ it’s a old school method to treat wpm
Also when you know your going to get a lot of rain if possible rig some sort of clear rain cover over them just a suggestion
Good luck

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I would spray them real good with a mixture of 2 oz’s of neem oil to 1 gallon of water with 5 to 10 drops of dawn dish soap… :wink:

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Thanks ya’ll, ive been cutting allittle off here and there i think by catching it really early im going to be alright the worst part of it is there was a little showing on a few of the main cola buds so instead of trying to do surgery and spread the spores alot i took the main. Not alot of cloudy trichomes yet but hung it up for 4days, its a very suprising buzz for still needing several weeks, by the way what does the neem oil do , Thanks for the info