Help! Going on vacation how can I water while I’m away?

Are there any ways to water plants while I’m away? These have just a few weeks to go.

Several devices available. Look for IIRC, Blumat. I bought something @MattyBear got but haven’t used yet and forgot what it’s called.


A trusted friend is the best, and most reliable method.

A properly set up and tested blumat system will work, but don’t do it last minute.


Amen to that. saw this post this morning and have been fretting how to take care of the girls while we are gone for 10-12 days. Surprisingly, My daughter volunteered. She lives maybe 25-30 minutes away, so i told her every couple of days should be good. Now to teach her how to PH the water and some minimal feeding. She has a pool at home, so the PH part should be second nature to her. feeling better already. I call it a trade off as she leaves for the islands tomorrow with friends, and just dropped off a dog and a cat with us for baby sitting duties.