Help for novice grower please

Hello everyone and thanks in advance to anyone who replies with any help for me. Very novice grower and have only done outdoors this being the 2nd year. Last year I did quite well in just plain old garden soil and yielded close to 2lbs off of 3 plants. So this year I decided to take a bigger plunge and try seeds from ILGM and more controlled outdoor grow in my patio in 5 and 7 gallon containers. Here’s the info, strain is super skunk as I read it may be an easier strain to grow for newbies, soil is FF OF and plants have been hardened off and acclimated to sun for about 10 days now. They began beautifully and sprouted and grew quickly but now as there hitting their 3rd node it seems to be curling down and a few leaves don’t seem to be completely formed or don’t have a sharp point. Found a few brown spots as well and done a lot of reading and seen possible cal/mag, pests and several other possibilities. I have 30/100mag loupe so I inspected and seen 2 or 3 aphids so I removed and killed em. I believe I may have seen several mites but I’m truly not sure as I’ve never really seen one before. Mixed up a 32/1 H2O to H2O2 and sprayed plants in hopes of removal if was this case. If I read correctly it wouldn’t hurt the plants so I figured better safe than sorry. Been using tap water and don’t have an instrument to test water or run off yet. Only for soil PH. Just not a real skilled grower yet and would love anyone’s opinion on thoughts on the matter. Thanks again to anyone who has suggestions.


Hi were they transplanted or started in FFOF in these pots. And soaked or rained on just before the issue started?
The first time the soil is watered it can release nutes, and it looks more like it got a big dose of nutes and pH change. The watering breaks down (releases?) limestone in brand new soil and pH swings, if it’s buffered with limestone. Check out the label, I’m not familiar with that brand but ProMix does it.

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They’ve been in FFOF since sprouted and we’re doing fine. I just transplanted yesterday because I thought maybe they were outgrowing the small containers I started then in. And that was causing this issue. The water you see is after I’d sprayed them down with H2O2 and water mixture. That’s why the leaves were wet.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the brown spot on that one leaf. The last pic has a couple of really curled leaves. That could be anything really… heat stress, light stress, under or over watering, poor drainage, root rot, etc…

If you found aphids and spider mites, there will be more. You, most likely, didn’t kill the eggs

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