Help first grow yellow leaves😢

My best advice would be to do a full flush with full strength nutes including all macro and micro nutes 3-5 x the volume of the soil or medium.if running salt nutes pH if organic do not pH but add microbes to buffer instead;) you should see improvement in 3-5 days


Just saw bio bizz is great stuff. Do u use the whole line?


By full strength I mean follow feed schedule do not water down

I have only used it for bloom. Last 3 weeks. before that i made my own nutes. Potatoes egg shell coffee grounds and banana.

did you put all that stuff in your soil as you used it, i.e. coffee grounds out of the filter straight to the soil?

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the reason i asked that is one time i used egg shells, bannanas, and coffee grounds into my soil and planted blueberry bushes on them and burned the crap out of my plants.

I made a tea. Mixed and let breakdown for 2 days. Strained. Then added 6ml to water every Saturday.

Hey guys can I ask for your advice ?

Recently started theory feeding schedule
In dwc hydroponic with around 350ppm

And have been seeing this , any advice

I fear it is a goner :cry: will take s pic once lights turn off but its all yellow and brown apart from buds :see_no_evil:

If she has any leaf left at all she may still make it

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This is after i had taken off all leaves that come of with a light tap. Lol about 30 leaves :cry: i am still going to feed her and adjust ph if necessary but don’t hold much hope. Only plus point is today I noticed the buds starting to twinkle :star_struck:

Take off the leaves that are almost dead it will help the plant recover

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Omg you were right👍🏽 Its alive and kicking


@Hoppiefrog is the man! He will not steer you wrong! I am looking at the picture you posted before you trimmed the leaves. You had thought the plant was a goner, and I could see why you would think that. But look at it again. All the buds are green and look good! Your plant needed those leaves to grow and develop. Now she is focused on reproduction, getting those buds big as she can. Thats why those leaves are dying off. You got this! Finish strong!


It literally took all 5 of you to get her here. She was mag deficient and i was over watering and feeding :joy: then taking of those leaves. It saved her!! So impressed with you guys. Best decision i made was coming here for help :+1:t4:


Is that the runoff water or your filtered water, or what you are adding with nutrients?

Runoff from filtered water and using bio bloom. I ended up adding a teaspoon of Epsom salts and it started to turn green again.

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@Dutchessark- It was you who got her here! Our hands never touched your girl.
Look at all the things you know now. You will be having some great moments coming up- harvesting, trimming up your buds that you grew, drying, curing, and then smoking it. Oh wait, smoking is number 1 on that list because you took a “sample” to get an idea of what she was gonna be like. You know, it won’t be long before you will be able to help someone who needs it.

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ok yall clear or white :see_no_evil: