Help dividing grow room for flowering

I need to get into flower yet have seedlings also, had planned on a tent and more equipment by now, money to short. I read where someone mentioned to add light block outs in your walls, need some help with that. I have one 6 inch exhaust and 1 ac unit and can’t afford more yet, can I separate the room with plastic walls yet passing game air thru and hold light out somehow

Cardboard, Velcro, and flex seal?

You could build a wood frame perimeter out of 1x2 with Velcro all around that the cardboard wall Velcros to.

I couldn’t begin to tell you how to separate a tent. But I can say is seedlings don’t require a whole lot if we’re talking first two weeks. I think it would be easier to build a small seedling setup than to divide the tent. Maybe even something like this.

You can leave a light on it 24/7 and put it almost anywhere inside where you can control temp easier. Just tossing out ideas. :blush:

what r u working with.?
pics of the room.?
what materials do u have on hand.?

there r literally a hundred different kinds of “6 inch fan”,
can u be more specific.?

the more info/pics u provide the better help u can get.!

Look into panda plastic it works great and is inexpensive you may need a larger roll or smaller
But for temp walls and or rooms it works great and you don’t need a lot of lumber to frame the wall just enough to hold it up
You can staple it in place with a staple gun


inexpensive isolation can be achieved with 3/4" pvc from local hardware stores.

Tees, 90 elbows and you can build almost any kind of light block you need.

Good luck

Thank you all for your suggestions, do I just cut some flaps in the plastic for air flow?

You should use inline exhaust fan to remove heat and you can try cutting a hole low in plastic to draw air in or use a second fan as a intake

Need to have air flow. But also need to block ALL light from the flowering Ladies.

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Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971 @tanlover442
Both of which I’m worried about blocking all the light and yet sufficient air flow, trying to only utilize my inline exhaust and the AC I just bought, wishing now I had autos or hadnt started clones. Better yet just more MONEY

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