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I just got home and saw my lights were off… They meant to come on at 18:30 fbut there was a power failure earlier so basically I’m set back 3 hours of light… What do you recommend me doing… Should I set the lights to come on from 9 30 or just leave them on the normal schedule and forget about the 3 hours :man_shrugging:t2: this is so fudging annoying :rage:Just started week 6 of a 9 week photo period :cold_sweat:

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thats a tough one. lets see what some of the pros have to say.

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Veg period or flowering?

If it’s in veg, just turn them on or resume schedule. As long it’s over 12 hours of light, you should be fine. You can even leave the lights on over night if you’re really concerned, leave the lights on an extra 30 mins during the dark cycle. This will keep them in veg.

If it’s in flowering, nothing to be concerned with.


What Covertgrower said.

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I had a power failure for a day or two recently. My plants were in their 4th or fifth week of flowering when it happend. It’ll be fine. Reset your timer to the original schedule and resume. I was a bit frazzled too but you should be fine.

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As per Covertgrower…:sunglasses::v:

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