Help determining when to harvest

Was wondering if I could get some help determining when to chop these various autoflowers. They all came up out of the soil around the week of 5/1-ish. Was ky first indoor grow and i had a ton of issues with over/under-watering them so they all seemed to stunt at-least once.
Ok alienv triangle #1

Alienvtriangle #2

Some other mephisto cant remeber

Green crack auto

Not sure possibly g.c.

Other green crack


my phone camera sucks but cant seem to see much amber at all. they definitely have went from clear to cloudy .


You have worked hard and grown what looks like some dank weed. Spent a fair amount of money so far i imagine so spend a little more and get one of those portable microscopes from amazon and a mic stand for steadyness. Well worth the small price that will answer that question with ease and certainty!

It will take all the guesswork ou

t of it.


Get the one that is WIFI/BLUETOOTH so you can upload to your phone and view, zoom, and distribute and store on your phone!!!


thankyou good idea. i ordered one. funny thing is i have one that wired but no pc in that room so ordered one of those wifi ones.


They are a great tool that gives clear viewing of your Trichomes. Can you give a picture of the plant as well. Flowers look nice and sticky.


Ok got one if those digital mics and here are the pics of the plants i think may be close.

Alienv triangle 2

I need to take a pic of the whole plant but they are emberassingly small . I stunted them due to my lack of experience watering soil . Switched 2 coco and so far those plants are 3 times bigger /vegged longer and just sttarted flowering .


Dont focus on the sugar leaves only on the buds. Follow one of the BROWN hairs to where it comes our of a bud. This is where you focus your attention. The sugar leaves will mature faster and are irrelevant.


We have all been there at one time or another. I had a Grand Daddy purple plant when harvested was only the size of a 20 oz bottle and had 3 colas total. Even though it was a runt it was still good smoke. As you grow and take this awesome communities advice you will have unbelievable harvest that you will be proud that you have become addicted to growing

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This plant has so many of those leaves all the way up each bud i cant hardly see.

Yes i have cats and dogs and there hair gets everywhere !


That last pict is the one you want.


Throw up a pic of the whole plant if possible. We have all grown a couple dwarf plants especially some autos. Looks like they are close, or in the window for harvest. Still see some white pistols and some clear trichomes. What kind of buzz do ya like? Sleepy and or a lil racy?


sleepy is better . So latter ? Is it too late to hit with some powdered koolbloom you think ? Ive heen using the liquid . Heres a pic of the plant

Its amazing the difference im getting in coco! Like heres a 35 day old northern lights auto in coco compare the stem alone to the mephisto


Heres the stem of the plant your helping me determine when to chop for comparison .

@Thumper uploafed the pics

@Audiofreak so what u think?

She looks good but without tric picts its hard to tell.

Im off work today and gonna try to rig up a way of holding the scope and get some better pictures today

More pics from the other alien vtraiangle started same day on the 1st of may . Just hoping someone can give me a time estimate opinion .

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Mostly cloudy and some amber . We talking any day? or weeks?

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