Help determining problems

Hello everyone! Im having problems with my plants and wondering if anyone can help me determine the cause. On two of my plants the leaves all point downward. Not just the tips as in nitrogen abundance but the whole leaf. On all 4 of my plants there is brown splotches in between the veins of the leaves. The internodal growth isnt as tight as id like it to be

I have 4 t5 bulbs 6" above the canopy

and the temp is usually between 75-80. The humidity is pretty low at 16-20. I live in a dry climate and its hard to combat low humidity

As you can see some of the leaves are “tacoing” but only on that one plant.

They’re root bound. Transplant them into bigger containters.


On my last grow i kept them in solo cups a little longer than these ones have been in without problems. Could it possibly be something else that is causing this?

Looks rootbound to me too


Could be, but those should have been transplanted a while ago in my opinion. I usually pot up when the leaves hang over the sides of the pot. Easy enough to check. Flip one over and pop the cup off. I bet you see nothing but roots, circling round and round.


Once you’ve transplanted, I’d pay close attention to your runoff when you feed. You may have a little high pH as well. But the container is packed with roots at the moment, and she can’t breathe.

Is that too much?

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My ph is on point as of the last 2 waterings. Before that my ph meter was not calibrated

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Not as bad as I thought, but still a small container for a plant that size. I would do that first, then look at possible deficiencies. You might want to fill out a support ticket to give as much information as possible. Are you using tap water, reverse osmosis, or?

You need to transplant to a large container, at least 5 gallons, as soon as possible. I transplant one week after the plant gets out the ground.

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I use tapwater. The tap water where i live isnt too bad and i use ph buffer to bring it down to 6.5

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Sometimes there’s an abundance of minerals in tap water, namely calcium, and too much can lock out others. Could be that, too.

I would agree. Not as bad as i expected either. However too big of plant for that size pot and probably not enough holes in the cup either. Get into bigger pot either fabric or with lots of holes and take a look at runoff after transplant.


Sorry for the late reply. Since Im a new member my comments get capped. What am i looking for in the run off? Should it be dark or clear?

You’d want to test the pH and TDS of the runoff, to get an idea of what is in the soil, and what to add.


Awesome! Thanks for the help.

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No problem! :v:

Hey so ive transplanted my plants and all of them look better except for one which is still doing the downward pointing leaf thing. Do yall have any more input on what else i should check kut or what could be causing it?

Her roots might just be a little unhappy from the transplant, might just be some shock still. Give her a week or so to bounce back.