Leafs curling down

Hey dears,

This is my plant the only one between 20 plants the whole 19 plants are good

This one i dont know what is the problem i dont overwatering i dont underwatering the TDS is 900 per every watering since i start flowering , so please can anyone help me to solve this problem ( my country has some heat now ) i transplanted to the ground hope to fixed his self but no change seen

When did you transplant and what are the temperatures?

From 3 days , temperature 31C , humidity 40% .

I would try to give some shade if you can. Looks like sun and heat to me? It’s she’s in full sun all day?

Water it. It looks underwatered

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Build a little wall around her like a moat.
Keep her watered.
It will take some time for her to adjust to the new digs.
I’ve had a few plants get the droop of death virtually overnight and never recovered. Not saying this is what’s going on but best I could figure was some root parasite killed them.

Was this one always outside in that environment but just in a pot?

Definitely needs water.

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I watered every day since the high temperature

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Yeah but how much are you watering it. 1 gallon. 5 gallons. A cup. Give it a good soaking.

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Ground looks super dry

Ok man i will try to give it 5 gallons i already watered with 3 litres

When outside and its really got i always water the piss out of the soil. It will use it.

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The problem still the same and now i sew some plants do the same problem but i think all of those plants are the same strain and this strain maybe suffer from high temperatures right ? Because im growing clones from a friend so i dnt know all the strains but those plants the same leafs same smell same shape same color maybe the same strain ! What ur opinion guys