Help design an autopot grow room

Hi everyone! I am in the process of designing a grow room set up. I’ve been reading as much as I can and learning about all this group has to offer. These Autopots seem to be exactly what I’m looking to use for my grow. I’m new to all things growing cannabis and am really looking forward to producing my own clean medication!

My grow room is going to be 12x16 with 8’ ceiling. 12x8 of that will be walled off and used specifically for the plants. All other equipment can be in the rest of the room. Ultimately it would be great to have 8 plants going but am going to start with 4. We want to give them room to grow! With that bit of information how would you design a room if budget was no issue? I really enjoy doing things once and doing it right. Lighting has been a real struggle for me, trying to figure out for this space. So I’m curious how those with experience using these pots would build a room and light it? Thanks for any and all feed back!


I also want to add. Any input on grow medium and nutrients is also very much appreciated! I’ve been reading about the coco and mixing with different things. Everyone has their preference and it’s exciting to hear why!


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Welcome to forum Madhatter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks it’s been really great reading and learning from everyone. What’s even better is the fact that there seems to be a sense of respect for on another that I haven’t seen in other groups! It’s fantastic and refreshing!


Basically an autopots setup will be two rows of plants and as long as you want it to be. There’s a main hose down the middle and a small hose splits off to each side ever so often. Checkout some videos on YouTube and take a look at some of the setups on there to get an idea of how it’ll look. The actual videos of setting up autopots are good to see how the system lays out.

As for mediums and nutes, I’d definitely recommend coco coir and Jack’s 321. For lighting I give my whole hearted endorsement to anything from HLG.


2-4 x Scorpion Diablo lights from HLG
A large reservoir (I use a 32 gallon trash can)
Autopots - the SpringPot XL system, which uses fabric bags
Coco coir - I like FloraFlex coco but CannaCoco is a great runner up
Jack’s 3-2-1 for nutrients. A 25# bag of Part A and Part B will a last a year or more.
BlueLab combo meter (ph and ppm monitor)
Flat white paint or white Panda Film. You can go Mylar fancy but white walls and white flooring is essentially just as good.
Tribus, Mammoth P, and Recharge as standby microbes
Dune as my silica supplement
A good humidifier
2 x 8” in-line fans, AC Infinity is quiet and has longevity.
2-4 oscillating fans to keep the canopy temps regulated.

That’s what comes to mind from the start.
I love growing in a room as opposed to a tent.


Welcome to the community.


I would run all my wiring and setup ventilation

Then seal the room ,walls and ceiling in frp paneling

Rocker rails & rollers for lights to hang from ceiling

Run co2 lines into the area

Hlg for lights supplement with uva bars

R/o system with a 30-50 gal res (look at rv ones (blue))

Autopots run coco /15-20% perlite



Thanks everyone! I will keep you updated as I go along! It’s going to be a bit before the build starts, so plenty of time to get things put together.

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Love my autopots :grin:
I’ve got 24 :sweat_smile: I can say building your own reservoirs will save you hundreds of dollars.
I use trash cans, these 31gal cans cost $20.

Even if budget is no issue, no reason to pay crazy prices for a water tank :rofl:
I use the 1pot xl trays with 5gal sping pots and 6.9gal plastic pots. As well as any other size pot I find that fits the trays. They are very versatile.
Cloth pots raise RH alot though, I honestly like plastic pots better because of this reason. If you plan to run alot of them, plastic may be better to control humidity…

Coco-coir and perlite mixed 50/50 (expanded clay or pumice or any “grow stones” work in place of perlite)
Why? Because it works great :sweat_smile: Coco-coir/perlite gives hydroponic growth with a wider ph range and is basically fool proof when paird with autopots.

Jacks 321 or General flora series or maxi series
Why? Because it’s cheap and time tested, plants cant tell the difference in brand names and npk is npk no matter what its labeled, same for micro nutrients :grin:


Hey back everyone! Thanks for the help getting me started. Working on this slowly, I like to do things right the first time. Make life so much easier!

So taking everyone’s advice on HLG lights. Planning on starting lighting around half the space, or 5x5. Narrowed it down to the 650R or the 750 Diablo rspec. It seems like for the little extra you get a bit more with the 750 Diablo, correct? Does anyone have any input/ opinion on either of these? I can’t see the cost justification for the scorpion diablo light compared to these. Maybe one of you could correct my thinking on this if it is not correct?

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I can’t speak to the others but my 600rspec does a fine job on my 4x4

Honestly it looks like the 650R performs better with more height. The 750 seems like it operates at 15-24” to have a good flowering output, while the 650R is designed for 30”

Technically speaking the 750 is “better” (higher wattage) but if I’m honest I’ve burned more plants to a crisp with my 650R than any other light.

I’m not super impressed with HLG’s latest offerings, but maybe I’m missing something that @dbrn32 could illuminate us about.

By the way, both the 750 and 650R are available refurbished - after an extra discount they’re within spitting distance of eachother in price range.

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Thanks! I’m looking at the refurb, the price difference is so minimal. So I’m trying to figure out what I will be gaining or loosing with one VS the others?

You talk to manufacturers and they tell you what they honestly believe. They create data to backup the belief. All in good faith to give us, the consumers, the best information we can have. Honestly I can’t make sense of any of it! They could tell me this light would make my bud have gold leaves, and with data to back it up, hell I would have to believe it. Until experience can prove their data wrong. That’s why you guys are so awesome! Really appreciate all the input and help!


You’re losing maximum wattage and “reflectors” from the 750. The rest, I’m super not sure.

Right, the “scorpion” layouts meant specifically for use closer to canopy like in a tent where ceiling height may be challenged. Watt for watt thet typically come in a little more efficient because more modules=more leds= lower operating current per led.

Any of these are going to be great lights, I would select the best suited for your application and not necessarily the most light for the money.

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Any of these are going to be great lights, I would select the best suited for your application and not necessarily the most light for the money.

Thanks! Ok great. Application will be grow room. Initially looking to light approximately a 6x8 area with 8’ ceiling. Eventually I will have an area of 12x8 for the plants to grow in.

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Lol I didn’t quote that right in the last post… I will eventually figure out all the great things in this group!


None of them are ideal for 48ft². Did you consider going with multiple smaller fixtures?


@dbrn32 thanks for your help with this! I could happily go with smaller fixtures. Would you recommend anything specific?

When looking at fixtures I wasn’t overly concerned about getting full light to the wall edges. But thinking more and more about this, probably something that needs to be considered again. Why waste good growing space with inadequate lighting…