Help! Bout 7 weeks into flower

7 weeks into flower only got a couple left and these little browns appeared!! Also since white widow only has 9 weeks in flower can I pull her at that 9th week

No you won’t be pulling on the 9th week. You have to remember those time frames is from PERFECt growing conditions. More realistically you may have 4 weeks left.
Depending on what you prefer with trichomes. That is one skinny flower.

It is should I be worried? :frowning:

Worried about what?

It being a skinny plant

No…they fill out the last 2 weeks. :+1:

Oh thAnk gosh I’ve been watching videos on YouTube and their buds are like dangggggg lol and mines more of just a dang lol

You can’t compare your plant to someone else. Only way you can is if everything was exactly the same which isn’t possible.

Like example…where mom lived around 13 miles from us. It could be a utter down pour here and there be sunny.

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I mean I’m pretty proud of myself for my first grow


Also I seriously wish I could message you so we could just talk about it lol makes things so easier

That was ruined years before I joined. It does suck but that is how it is. :pensive:

Since I’ve got you right here I’ve got some ghetto lights going on they are working but I was wondering if u had a recommendation my tent is 3x3??

Depends on how much you can spend and how much do you need to smoke say on a daily basis.

I switched to HLG 260xl rspec x 2 since I have a 4x4. Since I suffer in a lot of pain, i went from 3.32 oz to over 27 oz per crop.

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I go through about an ounce a week. It’s my only type of medication for headaches insomnia etc.

Probably want to jump to a HLG light.
Here is the Light Guru… @dbrn32


Hopefully he chimes in I was reading some other post about lightening and saw some dyi stuff he was talking about… I date an engineer maybe I can use him lol

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Killing it :metal:

I’m sure you can! For a 3x3 tent, ask him if he could do something like this for you.


Is there anything I can do about this?