WWA grow at 3 weeks flower

Anybody growin white widow autos. Here are mine. Just wonderin how they look. Theyre in a 4 x 4 space and im guessin they are about 3rd week into flower. In FFOF and havnt fed em but a couple of times since sprouting. I guess that autos are finicky but im hopin that these fattin up soon. Im runnin two LED lights now but an upgrade in wattage is commin this sunday.

What is the main nute for flower?


They look good. I’m not aware of a specific “main” nutrient for flowering. Most plants will require a full nutrient package through majority of flowering period.

Okay ill start em on the ol ff nute trio next feed. Probably go half strength. What am i lookin at flower time 8 to 10 weeks?

Could be , but it depends on your girls. Maybe 8, maybe 10, could be more or less. It depends on when your plants decide to be ready.

Or so I’m told

Your plants are looking good. They really beef up over the next several weeks. 8 to 10 week is about right for flower.

Here is mine that’s about ready to harvest.


Nice…i can only hope for those results.

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What kind of lights u running? Girls looks good. And yea id follow FF nute schedule… start the last week of transition or first of bloom. At about 1/4 or 1/2 strength

Hey @PurpNGold74 I got two lights goin right now. One is a 600w or about 150 actually and the other is a 1000w or about 100 actual, LED’s. Theyve been ok to this point but i got a better one commin soon. I will start the nutes next watering in a few days. Dont quite have a handle on the tds meter and ppms. The girls are in FFOF and havent had much in the way of nutes. But it seems that they arent drinkin much either. I added perlite and holes in the pots but havent had much in run off yet.

Next watering… make sure to get a decent runoff, dont need alot, just enough to go in a cup n meter check. Pour slowly and in circles. And check the ppms on the runoff. Honestly they look great for no feeds. And lights are doing their jobs :+1:t5::+1:t5:

Dont be in a rush to feed. They usually ask when they need something.

What size pots? N is this ur first grow?

Pots are 3 1/2 g for 3 plants and one is in a 5g pot. Temps are in the hight 70s and rh is in the 55 to 63 range. Good air circulation fans in the tent one pushing air in and 4in inline drawing out.

Cool. Check that runoff if possible. Itd make me more comfy before u feed. Ladies look great again :+1:t5: