Help! Bottom of pot won't dry

I am in week 4 of my Lambs Breath auto. Transplanted to 5 gal pots 1 week ago and the bottom of container is still wet. Drilled additional holes at bottom and around sides still no drying. Around sides and 3 inches down it is dry. The pot feels lighter but the bottom holes are still wet. Already started to flower at week 3 and has been deprived of nutes because of water situation. About 6 days in I gave them about 1/2 L to 1 L. water. Used Root Organics micro greens for medium and thinking it probably needed more perlite. Plants seem happy and healthy at already 15" tall. Any advise on the soggy bottoms would be so very helpful. At this stage in the game I’m thinking we will just have to wait and see. Help please!

I wouldn’t be overly concern, especially if it’s healthy. Pictures would help in natural light. Some mediums just take some time to dry out.

Thanks so much for your response. I attached a couple pics. Do you think I should wait for the bottom to dry out before I give them another thorough watering?

In a plastic pot, it is good that you put holes in it. However it may take awhile. The sides and bottom can’t breath like a fabric pot so to remove moisture it is either by evaporation through the top or transpiration through the plants leaves. Once the roots fill the container the water will be removed faster by the plant.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Should I wait for the bottom to dry out before I give them a good thorough feeding?

It will need to be watered before the roots & plant grow enough to use the water in the bottom of the pot.