Help - bluelabs truncheon

so as you know this is my first grow (posted in grow journal)
I decided to start filtering my tap water through a chloramine / chlorine / etc etc carbon filter.

I was doing a feed when the truncheon arrived so I tested the mute water. Read 400ppm with Bergmans nutes. Some people have mentioned I need to lessen it from the amounts shown on Bergman’s feed chart since that is coco grow not soil.


I just ran a couple fresh gallons through the filter, stuck the probe in, notta zip zilch meter would not read anything
(lowest scale is 0.4ec or 200ppm
I thought ok water too cold. warmed it up still no reading.
Ran straight tap water in a glass same result meter registered nothing.

dropped a 1/4 tsp of Stage 3 nutes, meter popped up about a 300ppm instantly.

Is it even possible my tap water is that low in TDS?

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I would, first, get the pen calibrated. With Blue Labs, you can take it to any distributor and they will calibrate, and clean it for free. It’s part of Blue Lab’s contract with the distributors.

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Filter water cannot be measured properly, add nutrients to water then test .

What it really means is your filters are working well!.

Calibration solution most likely came with the unit as well? Maybe single pouch? I’d also recommend calibrating it using those but your right on with your thought process “it should not be measurable”

Weird about tap water unless you’ve got a nice spring below you!

City water or well?

Sorry. I got nothing for you. I have well water. And for my plants I use mostly captured dehumidifier water, then I then distill, so my water is near zero PPMs. So I don’t take any readings until I have added whatever nutes I am adding.

Strange how the meter will not read below .4 ec or 200ppm. My tap is around 180 ppm. So you could just have good tap water. Some people have 400+, glad i dont have that.

Awesome thanks all for the feedback.
I have never really been a plant type person. Had a couple little gardens and slaughtered my share of house plants. Growing Groot has given me a new appreciation on our veggie friends.
So much so on my grocery show this afternoon I was forced/pitied into trying to rescue this poor Hyacinth (which I only know because it’s printed on the side.)

Dry as a bone laying completely horizontally.
I was like seeing a lost puppy in the rain.



As I stood gazing fondly at my children the thought struck me.
What are the chances this commercial farmed, mass produced, exposed to who know what plant is carrying in bugs

Hyacinth is now on the front porch…

Im not quite THAT merciful