Help asap- is this a hermie

this is a gg auto, it has some white pistils on it but it may also have balls…pls chime in here

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Does kinda look a little ballsy but I wouldn’t worry just yet. The picture is not clear to me but check it out in 24hrs, it shouldn’t take long to either have pistols or start looking more like a “pod”

It looks like there might be a stem behind that pod without pistils. Go on watch alert!

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yea looks like a claw, i looked at it with a magnifier, so what so i do? put it in another room so i dont pollenate my ladies?

From what I have read on this forum, just pluck it and anything that looks male. Sometimes it is just isolated to a branch. If it goes on full male-ish you may have to bag it and trash it to avoid pollination of your other plants. If it does open and spew pollen you will need to wash down your tent and your clothes and anything in a 10 mile radius LOL!

Disclaimer: I am no expert. Get a few more opinions from other, more experienced growers. I have not had a hermie but found seeds in my outdoor grow.

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Look if it is a hermie you can pick the the pods off but be careful doing so u dont want to bust them open doing this can sometimes stop the hermie process and it can go on being female but u have to keep pucking them off until they stop or you can just rip it out

What week flower are you in?

Hopefully it’s just an isolated event like @JaneQP was saying, still containable. I just harvested a herm-ed plant myself ended up with no seeds, started herming week 4 of flower wherever I castrated pods or found something suspect I would leave a date tag, and then on my daily crotch watch I would check those areas specifically.

Good luck :+1:

I will add a caveat. I did have a pollinated outdoor clone. She took off growing like gangbusters and I knew she was putting energy into making seeds and not buds. She was buried immediately in the compost bin.

Sad because she was hard to clone and a favorite strain of the family.

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i just noticed pistils 3 days ago so they just started

My last auto threw out just one man part. I used clean, sharp scissors instead of plucking.

It does resemble a “nanner”, although it might just be the picture.
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an auto fem start throwing “nanners”…

Either way, you can pluck/cut off and dispose of it without too much worry. Do keep an eye out for more.

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Here’s a hermi I plucked the balks off of and isolated it.

It’s got a few spots where seeds have formed but not many at all…
It does have a bunch of nice nugs though so it was well worth keeping in my case, where I had an extra tent to stick it in by itself… if it turns out to be a hermi, I wouldn’t keep it with my others. I’d put it as far from my others as possible when I was sure it was a hermi…


Oh yeah pictures of the actual male bits, sry forgot them :rofl:

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