Help Advice Please

I am of course a beginner at growing, I am at a point in my grow i could use some advice.
My babies sprouted and unfortunately started to stretch. I had read that this was probably due to using a low wattage CF light during the initial development.
I waited until i saw the second leaves emerging before I transplanted them.
In the intrum I purchased a 600 watt HPS light system. After transplanting them I tied them up and increased the air flow as I had read that doing this could help strengthen the stem.
I have the light system 3 1/2 feet above the transplanted plants and they are now developing their third set of leaves, still the leaves are rather small though. I am afraid with a continued grow the weight of the leaves and hopefully buds will become to heavy for the plant.
so the question is, should I let them progress as the are and continue to tie them up to help support them or should I try to top them at some point an let them just get bushy?
I am a little disappointed with my self on this first grow and unsure if I will even produce anything.

My guess is u had the CFl to far away from the plant cfl lights don’t get that hot so u can have it really close to the plant but I would top it now

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I grow with cfl and I keep my lights close so they don’t have to stretch heroes a pic

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Don’t get down on yourself or your girls you may be surprised and most of us if we are going to top do it after fourth or fifth node

Yup, your lighting was OK with the cfl, this cooler light will allow you to put the light within 6-10 inches. Even closer if you don’t feel significant heat on the back of your hand. You also should bury that stretched out stalk. It should grow some nice lateral roots and thicken that stalk right up. The six hundred sodium is a great light. Do the same thing. Use your hand to judge how close your plants can be from the light. Start at about 17 inches from the light. Check them periodically, every 15 mins. When my little ones were three leaf sets old they reacted by pointing all leaves upward within an hour. I’m using 400 watt mh bulbs for now. So I moved them down to sixteen inches under till the got a little older now they are 11 inches from the bulb and lovin’ it. Hps bulbs are hotter that mh bulbs so you’ll have to play with it. When you find the butter zone you’ll get more branching than height.

Your plants look great

Thanks rjw71.
I did think about burying the stalks but was afraid I would hurt the babies.
I did have the 600watt lights at about 3 1/2 ft but the closet I’m using was getting really hot, but I did have aluminum foil covering the walls as well.
I took down the foil and moved the lights to 4 ft, the room now feels like a comfortable 70-75 degrees.
I am watching to see if anymore stretching takes place, the babies are only at their first node. I have them all tied up to help support them.
Really want to say thanks to all of you in helping me.
I am really hoping that I can get them to a three or four node and then will top them. Not really sure I will get any yield from them or if I do will they lose their THC value due to the issues if had.

Thanks joshawa,
I really hope your right, as a retired person the cost of product on the streets is getting a little out of hand.
But then again back in the 70’s an oz was only 10 dollars, lol

Thanks Neil

The plants are just now at the first node, I think I am going to try and get them to at least a three or four node.

Is your closet vented ? Hot air out and cool in.

No unfortunately it isn’t.
I have a small fan in there with the door slight ajar.
Couldn’t keep door completely open as my cats do love the taste of my babies, lol

Right he’ll back in the 90s Oz used to be weighed at 32 grams here an I was only paying 75 for it good luck with that nowadays

Lol yea those days are long gone, here an oz on the street for good stuff will run 290.00

Lucky it’s 400 here in Oklahoma

a pic of my gdp I just pulled friday


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She smells great lol

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What do you think is happening to my babies?