First Time Grower Question Re: Tall but not many leaves

I can’t figure out how to attach a picture.

Hi. I am at day 37 of my first growth. I’m not sure what strain it is. My plants seem to be tall and only have approximately 4-6 leaves each compared to other posts at this age.

The light is about 27 inches from the top of the pots. The light came in an Agrobrite Fluorowing Grow Light Kit. It is a 125W 6400K compact fluorescent lamp. Once the plants get to about 10 inches I was going to get a better light for flowering plants. The place where I purchased it said to switch to a red light.

Due to some unexpected issues, we were not able to put them in the grow tent and under these light until about day 8.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you in advance.


Have you done any topping or fimming to the plants?

These two methods will cause your plant to fill out due to a defensive measure

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CFLs need to be very close to plants to stop stretch. I don’t use them but have seen pictures with them only a couple inches from plant.

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Topping yes, but I do my grow under normal conditions, ie sunlight

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@Dickrick527 sounds good but mainly for @j4jules since the plants sound stretched out

Yeah, lights way too far away. As @Bubblehead stated, cfls need to be real close

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Hi. I haven’t. The plants only have about six leaves.

Thank you very much!

Get better lighting and try again. Sorry these aren’t going to be worth trying to save

Do you have a small fan in the tent? Get the light a lot closer. Use a bamboo skewer push it in the soil next to the plant. Then use a bag tie to hold the plant up. The bag tie should be loose around the plant and tight around the skewer.
Look at the one on the left for an example.

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Found this on the web. Look how close they have the cfl.


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Sounds like it may be genetic to me. Plus you don’t know what strain.
So i wouldnt worrie my friend

ThNk you!!

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That’s what I use for my seedlings or clones

As you can see, the light is practically touching the top of the humidity dome

This is NOT enough light to grow with, unless your only wanting to get a few joints per plant.

Thank you very much! I put them closer to the light and it’s amazing how much better they are doing.

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First welcome to the community, couple of things I would cover that stem up leave about an inch exposed and as mentioned lower the light. you’ll be fine. Good luck


Definitely good advice… to elaborate a little in what @kellydans said is - When you transplant them bury that stalk up to within an inch of her cotyledons. Those 2 lil single leaves on her neck…
Welcome to the forum & good luck… Stick around, ask questions, share experiences and
…Smoke Weed Everyday !!:sunglasses::turkey: