Hello all, my second year growing

I’m really enjoy reading all the info on here. I started growing last year, grew white widow and blueberry. Didn’t even consume cannabis then. Now I’ve quit drinking and cannabis is in my life. I’m growing again this year, I have black kush, blue sunset sherbert, critical, and Acopolca gold. I’m so close I can almost taste them. Growing in my veggie garden with fox farm soil and used blood meal and bone meal during veg and flower respectively. Any comments on how they look would be appreciated. Thanks happy sunday


Here is some full figured photos lol


welcome to the community!

Your plants look great! Keep it up and you’ll have a great harvest :+1:


:point_up_2: same here a few years back. Very healthy and beautiful ladies ya got :love_you_gesture:


Thanks. It’s been a good road. I’m almost tempted to harvest the kush, which would be the very first bud pic. I tend to wanna stay functional, although I smoke every day after work and more on weekends I don’t want the couch lock effect. So with that all being said would now be a good time to chop? I understand amber, milky and clear and the stages to maturity but I don’t want to be a couch potato either

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Your daily activity sounds identical to mine with plant love before and after work with enjoying the fruits after work and weekends. I just waked and baked :joy::joy:. I don’t care much for the super couch lock I’m dumber than a box of rocks buzz and when I grow Indicas I harvest with zero to very little amber. A sedative buzz will come naturally from an Indica strain so if I can keep just that level then more better for me. If she’s all milky I would go for it. Can you post some Trichome pics :love_you_gesture:


I’m trying to post some with different apps I have. Sounds like I’m thinking the right things then

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Looks early to me. I’d hold off on the chop and let those buds mature.


She’s got a few weeks to go to get where we talked about. Still a good bit of pistils to turn :love_you_gesture:


Do you have a microscope? I feel the same. I dont want a couchy buzz either… so does that mean chop at the 1st site of an amber? Or cut once you see most cloudy no amber? I also know the pics clear/cloudy/amber…but its different when your scoping your own plants… im sure once the years pass, experience will make these decisions much easier :laughing: :rofl:

Great lookin plants!

A buddy from work is letting me buy his device that clips onto your phone to get some nice close ups of the trics. Later this evening I hope to have some pics of each


Blue sunset


Alcopolco gold

I’m thinking I’m right there for my kush and gold

Welcome! And thats a nice crop of outdoor! Lots of time left so be patient!